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Charrua 1810
CP 1200 – Montevideo, Uruguay.

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Heya, my name is Nick. I am from beautiful country Ukraine. A great honor that my music is interesting to you. I hope you will be happy and enjoy use of my tracks in the projects. Good luck, thanks for attention!

Hi! I'm Nicolai Heidlas (23) - and i am a music composer and producer of background music from Wetzlar, Germany.
I started out in february 2011. I created an ukulele track which fortunately went pretty viral. This encouraged myself to continue in making music. Since that time i'm constantly looking for ways to improve the quality of my music. I tried out a lot of different programs, learned new techniques, got myself some new gear.... I never took any music lessons at all. So i learned it all by myself, basically.

At this time i'm playing a ton of different instruments like all kinds of guitars, ukulele, bass, accordion and so on....
It is my biggest passion to make music in my free time. I hope you guys are enjoying my work. I have created a lot of different tracks in a lot of different styles. So i'm sure that you'll find the perfect background track for your next project! Thank you for checking out my tracks! I'm glad about any kind of feedback!

Have fun browsing through my stuff! Bye! :)

Hey, I am Valdi Sabev, good to see you! Hope life is awesome by your side! I create music for media productions such as films, commercials, videos, animations and games. It's my passion in life that I turned into my dream job! My music is original and I keep and open ear on the latest trends in popular music so that my tracks always sound interesting and fresh. Let's connect and make awesome things happen!

Vicente is an musician, composer, producer and multi-instrumentalist.
He is Uruguayan and has released three solo albums: "Abril" (2005); "Voy" (2009); And "Psycodelia" (2013).