FREE Creative Common License

My music is licensed under the Creative Common License, that means you must credit my artwork by placing a link to on your website, video or wherever your music is used.

If you don’t want, you are not allowed to credit my music or if you need the music in lossless audio format (WAV files) then you need to buy a license.

Other Licenses

Be sure to read all license options, although the most common license is the Standard License, I offer two licenses more depending of the type of project you are going to use the music for. In general, Standard License gives you lifetime rights to use the music for non-commercial personal use,  like videos, websites,  documentaries, films, animation, etc.

The Extended License give you rights for Internet Advertising and Local TV/Radio advertising,  software, video games, apps,  films for public screening.

The TV/Radio License gives you rights for National and International TV/Radio Advertising, Theatrically released films, Cinema TV/Radio Broadcasting, all for unlimited audience sizes. This cover the majority of all cases for professional uses.

If you are not sure which is the correct license for your use or if you want to discuss an Exclusive License for a particular item, please, contact me and I will guide you with the best solution for your project.