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Take your project to the next level with our incredible royalty-free music. Check out our best acoustic tracks to find what you are looking for. Not sure this style is the best for your project? Find all the information you need about it below!

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What is Acoustic Music?

Acoustic music is music created only or primarily by instruments that produce sound through acoustic means, rather than electronic ones. A long time ago, all music was actually acoustic, so it got its name when the electronic instruments appeared, such as electric violin, electric guitar, electric organ and synthesizer. Many music reviewers explain that when a track is labeled acoustic or unplugged people assume it is more pure, since it isn't overproduced with technology. 

This genre is extremely broad since it refers to the way the music is produced rather than its style, mood or tempo. Acoustic music can be categorized into five groups: wind instruments, string instruments, percussion, ensemble instruments, unclassified instruments.

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Best uses of royalty free acoustic music

Because this music is untouched by electric effects, it has a virginal melody, more pure, natural and realistic, which makes the listeners establish a very intense connection to it.

It has an old-charm since it is done by natural sounds, very different from some heavy electric sounds we hear in most compositions today. All of this makes acoustic music calm, soothing, making it ideal to relax and chill, or perfect for concentration and meditation since it can help release stress. This genre is extremely dynamic since it has a lot of “life” in it, and it can be the perfect background for diverse types of content since it comes across genres. So don't be afraid to explore the different styles within this genre and find the perfect suit for your project!