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Hello! I am a music producer and songwriter from Russia. Experience in the music field for more than 10 years, in my portfolio you can find music of different genres ranging from modern electronic to cinematic music.

I’m Alex Sachi, Brazil. I Musician and Producer. Very nice to offer some of my music and pass the borders of my country, supporting various styles and designs: TV, Film, YouTube, Podcast, Business, Entertainment, Music and Movies in general. If you bought one of the available tracks, please show me the results of your project. I’ll be glad to know the result of all this. And thank you for your visit, leave your comment if you liked.

Thank you…

I'm a musician from Russia. I make music for your projects. It is convenient to use, modern sound and always in a trend.

Hey! Hope you like my music :)
Check my Instagram: alvarokid

Hello! My name is ArtIss. I’m a sound producer and mix engineer. I work in hip hop and electronic music styles. Looking through my portfolio one can find a great variety of background music, audio logo for your commercials, podcasts or other media content.

RamolPro is an Indonesian based music producer who specialises in composing music for film, TV commercial and multimedia . Mainly we were producing music in the genres such as Pop, Cinematic, Percussion, and EDM, but our passion lays in any genre.

Hello, I'm AudioInfinity. Here You can find My Royalty Free Music, Premium Stock Music, Background Music, Epic & Cinematic Music, Epic Dubstep & Movie Trailer Music, Sport Music, Electronic Dance Music, Corporate and Presentation Music for Films, Music for Ads, Music for Video, Music for Youtube, etc...

Premium royalty free music studio for video productions

Hello everyone, I’m glad that you visited my page. I write good music in different styles, mainly corporate and cinematic music. My music is used by different companies. If you have any questions I am always happy to answer them. Good luck!

Bruno Freitas is a composer, producer and sound designer, living in Brazil. Produces several musical styles. Always try to follow the trends without abandoning originality. Music is life!

Performer, Composer, Arranger & Producer of original Irish music.

An extremely versatile musician, Cillian started playing music when he was eleven years old learning both the acoustic guitar & tenor banjo simultaneously. Along with these instruments Cillian also plays electric guitar, mandolin, bouzouki, tenor guitar & bass keys. In his earlier exploits as a young musician he won All-Ireland titles under the 15 - 18 category including tenor banjo solo and acoustic guitar accompaniment in 2009. He has toured globally since the age of 16 with various different groups at venues including West Point, NY, The Lincoln Center, NY and the National Concert Hall of Ireland. On the 20th of December 2010 Cillian received the pleasure of performing for the famous U2 at a private welcome home gig in Dromoland castle from their 360-degree world tour where he was lucky enough to be invited for a jam with frontmen Bono and the Edge.

Through the years Cillian has performed with many artists such as Pádraig Rynne (Notify), Kevin Burke (Patrick Street), Pauline Scanlon and world-renowned fiddle player, Frankie Gavin (De Dannan). However, Cillian’s most notable work is with bands MOXIE & ATLAS.

Cillian is one of the founding members of the Irish contemporary music quintet, MOXIE, who have been an ensemble for over 6 years & have countless achievements to date including performing live with the Ulster Orchestra on BBC, performing live on RTÉ radio with the RTÉ Concert Orchestra, performing on FOX news in the U.S., making countless appearances on national radio & TV stations in Ireland & abroad, completed tours in the U.S., Italy, Switzerland, Denmark, Austria, Australia, Spain, Scotland, France & of course, Ireland.

In late 2016 Moxie were invited to Hanoi in Vietnam to accompany & perform for the president of Ireland (Michael D. Higgins) & president of Vietnam (Trần Đại Quang) for the annual cultural visit. In the same year Moxie were invited to play at the U.S ambassador’s residence in Phoenix Park, Dublin for the 4th of July celebrations. Moxie have released one EP in 2012 titled ‘Extended Play’, an album debut called ‘Planted’ in 2014 & ‘Eyes on Pluto’ a single in October of 2017.

Moxie have also been lucky enough to compose the soundtrack to the hugely successful
dance show ‘Prodijig: The Revolution’ which broke the Cork Opera House’s box office sales
with an astounding 36 residential shows in July of the year 2016.

ATLAS compromises of Doheny (Guitars) & Cillian King (concertina), both natives of Limerick, Ireland, who first crossed paths through the Irish traditional music festival circuit as teenagers where they immediately struck up an intense musical friendship having diverse but similar tastes in music & composition.

Making an album together had always been an aspiration but with Doheny touring heavily with his neo-Irish outfit 'MOXIE' and King on the circuit as a session musician while completing his studies, they decided to use that time to grow as musicians and as people, and Atlas was shelved temporarily. However, in late 2014 when the time was right, the pair became housemates in Dublin and began definite work on their debut album. All composition and pre-production for the album took place in the Dublin apartment with both Cillian's still juggling several other projects and studies at university.

In late November 2015 ATLAS launched a Kickstarter campaign to secure funding to record 'Affinity' and with popular demand for the record, they reached their target with time to spare. Filmed and recorded in an old church which has become a centre for the arts in Belfast, 'Affinity' which sees Atlas accompanied by string quartet and percussion, represents all the music these musicians have grown up with and the music they have to come to love in more recent times. From delicate string arrangements, reminiscent of Sigur Ros to cascades of sound from the ethereal world of Jon Hopkins, they have added an ingredient that is inherently Irish to the mix to create a record that encompasses where they have come from and where they are going.

Cillian has been described by Kieran Hanarahan of Stocktons Wing as “one of the most
innovative newcomers on the acoustic guitar & tenor banjo in recent years with a unique approach to
the music and a technical ability that is unsurpassed”.

Based in Bulgaria, Nicola Donchev is a composer, engineer, and producer who creates music for Advertising, TV, Film, and Art projects. He has been writing music since 1980, and has performed and recorded in the Pop, Dance, Electronic, Orchestral, Jazz, Acoustic, and Rock genres.

I am composer from a small country on Balkan peninsula called Montenegro.

I have been in music almost all my life. At the beginning I played guitar in several metal bands and had my own one-man band, making music that I like the most.

For a few years now, I have been composing epic music and my main goal is to reach trailer music industry and have my tracks placed in Hollywood movie trailers.

Hi, my name is Daniel and I'm a Film Music composer from Argentina.
Music is my passion and always trying to achieve new sounds and styles, experimenting with any kind of instrument.
I hope that my music cause you an emotion and can work for any of your projects.

Hi, I'm Diego. Music Producer from Chile. Please don't hesitate to leave any comments or suggestions: m.scott.diego@gmail.com.

Hey, my name is Diego, I'm a music composer and sound designer. The tracks you'll find on my profile are mostly cinematic orchestral/hybrids or ambient/pianol tracks. I make use of orchestral instruments as well as sound design to create epic cinematic tracks and melodic soundscapes. Some times I also upload experimental stuff or some jazz.

If you use any of my tracks feel free to contact me at pmdiego99@gmail.com. I'd love to see how my music is used :)

Veaceslav Draganov _ Composer, sound designer, pianist.

Composer of royalty free music. dredstudio.com

Guatemalan music producer

Eric Haley is a music producer and artist based out of Fort Worth, Texas.

FASSounds is electronic music producer based in Indonesia with 8 years experience in ghost producing, remixing, and original music making. As a founder of EDMRF.NET, he focused on production music library for last 3 years, and his music already appeared in commercials and products showcase from big brands around the world including Sony, Huawei, AMD, and many more.

Since childhood, my path was predetermined. Parents are Opera singers. The house always sounded good music, a circle of friends - musicians, conductors, singers. No wonder I found my way very early. At the age of 14 he created his first team. At the age of 21 he worked as a musical Director of the Philharmonic. Then 9 years of work on sound design and audio advertising on the radio. He participated in many international competitions. For example, in Italy, at a competition in Pompeii, my song won the Grand Prix in the category best song. Since 2001 I have been actively writing music for various libraries. This gives me freedom in creativity.

Hi! My name is Francesco Rea and I'm a 21 years old musician from Milan, Italy.
I spent 5 years of my life studying classical composition, piano and saxophone at high school, and there is where I felt in love with classical music; however, my principal passion now is producing electronic music, from chill-out to electro house!
Now I'm finishing my bachelor in Audio production (less than one year left).

I hope you will enjoy my music, which is my life and my passion!
Feel free to give me any kind of feedback! Bye! :-)

Hi all, thanks for visiting my page. I'm a professional musician, composer, arranger, piano and a keyboard player also I am producer. I believe that music is the best way of communicating emotions and ideas, weather it’s for a commercial, website, film or homemade memorabilia, the right music track can mean the difference between an awesome creation and a lame project. I explore new music constantly in order to stay as updated and fresh as possible! Whatever genera you are looking for, I trust you can find it here, please note that each track can be customised to meet yours specific needs. Thank you so much ! Hope you enjoy:)

Audio engineer and music producer from Chile.

Hi there!
We are Mart, Roland and Joep, founders of Good Garden Media.
Together we are specialized composing custom background music for a wide variety of different styles as: Cinematic, Corporate, Electronic, Pop, Hip-Hop and more.
Fresh, modern and energetic royalty free music, high quality and perfect addition to your projects.
Perfect addition to your project.

worst composer ever

Original acoustic guitar music in all genres - from country, blues and folk to flamenco, classical and jazz.

I am a young composer from southern Germany. My music is characterized by a recurrent melancholy and thoughtfulness in all compositions. They are particularly suitable for landscape shots, static film sequences and emotional scenes.

Background Music For Commercial Productions, Trailers, Films, TV Advertising, Media Entertainment, Video Game and more!

I love to create stories, either with music, or with my words. Music is my passion, my life, and to blend music with images in a way that the become one, it is whats makes me happiest.
I studied the career in Violin performance in the National Conservatory in Buenos Aires. I played the violin in several classical orchestras in my city, and in theater plays. I also recorded with a lot of great artists. I usually use strings in my music, and recorded them myself. I use strings even in rock tracks. I participated as a composer in the composition of videos, short films, band songs, short animated films, and theater plays for more than 7 years now.

Born to a single mother on the south side of Chicago in 1980, he started traveling early as his mother toured with the band she fronted. Puerto Rico, Alaska, Texas and Los Angeles, before finally putting down roots in California's San Francisco Bay Area. As a teenager in the Bay Area, he fell into the hip hop scene, carving out a spot for himself among the local talent as an MC, but also as a sought-after music producer. Soon, he found himself being called upon to make tracks for other artists from across the United States. Since gravitating back toward his roots playing piano and a variety of percussive instruments in high school Symphonic Band, his discography has experienced a proliferation of albums. His offerings became more atmospheric and less bass-driven. , he grew a cult following who appreciate his often brooding melodies and share his love of sci-fi and gaming.

I'm 21 student from Poland.
From more than 2 years I'm making Creative Commons music in variety moods and genres(chillstep, chillhop, lofi, dubstep, electronic, acoustic).

Come on and pick something from my work, you won't be disappointed.


I'm just an individual who loves making music.

Hi. My name is Iman. I'm a professional musician, composer, arranger, piano and a keyboard player. I explore new music constantly in order to stay as updated and fresh as possible. I make music for your projects. Since 2012 that time i'm constantly looking for ways to improve the quality of my music. It is convenient to use, modern sound and always in a trend. I hope you enjoy. Good luck with your projects!!

Hi, I'm Nameless Queen. I am a self-taught producer based in Los Angeles, CA. I pull influences from electronic music, rock, and pop into my music. Doing music is my biggest passion in life, sometimes spending twelve hours a day working on music.

I hope you enjoy my music and thank you for reading.

Heya, my name is Nick. I am from beautiful country Ukraine. A great honor that my music is interesting to you. I hope you will be happy and enjoy use of my tracks in the projects. Good luck, thanks for attention!

Hi! I'm Nicolai Heidlas (25) - and i am a music composer and producer of production music from Wetzlar, Germany.
I started out in february 2011. I created an ukulele track which fortunately went pretty viral. This encouraged myself to continue in making music. Since that time i'm constantly looking for ways to improve the quality of my music. I tried out a lot of different music softwares, learned new techniques, got myself some new gear.... I never took any music lessons at all. So i learned it all by myself, basically.

At this time i play a ton of different instruments like all kinds of guitars, ukulele, bass, accordion and so on....
It is my biggest passion to make music full time. I hope you guys are enjoying my work. I have created a lot of different tracks in a lot of different styles. So i'm sure that you'll find the perfect background track for your next project! Thank you for checking out my tracks! I'm glad about any kind of feedback!

Have fun browsing through my stuff!

I create music for a variety of commercials and radio , TV , YouTube spots that will motivate and inspire your audience . Background and Foreground Music for your projects . THANK YOU for choosing ONENAIL’s music for your projects ! ! !

Born in Buenos Aires on 1989, Francisco started his studies of music and piano at the age of 13. Later on he studied Musical Composition at the Universidad Católica Argentina, and at Universidad Nacional de Arte. He has been taking particular classes with Gabriel Senanes since 2015.
On his musical work we can find original music for theatre, independent short movies and videogames.---

Email: pacobrito89@yahoo.com.ar ---

https://soundcloud.com/francisco-brito-evans/albums ---

Visit me on my website and find more music. Contact me for individual projects or customization of my library music.

Santiago Quintela is a musician, producer, multi-instrumentalist & sound designer
Sebastian Martinez is an excellent musical composer with very good ideas.
We are two Uruguayan musicians who join our musical forces to achieve something great! It is a great honor to share our music with you. Hope you enjoy!! ?

Music is my way of therapy. The music I create lets me bring all of my frustrations, sadness, and dreams into a medium that I can speak through clearly, most of the time. This is my way of being spiritual in an otherwise logical and formulaic world and lets me escape to a place with no boundaries. I am trying to create an experience for people through music that connects on a meaningful level through sound and story. When I am not making music for myself, I make music for other people. I hope I can connect and help you feel something on some level, as music has, and continues to do for me. Don't hesitate to contact me. Sometimes, they let me out of my studio to interact with other people.

Suthee is a NYC-based music composer and producer who has worked across a wide range of genres and diverse platforms including short films, documentaries, TV shows and commercials. He is currently residing in Brooklyn, New York and working as an independent composer focusing on sound design and hybrid composition.

Being first at producer at heart finding the perfect soundtrack for my videos was always one of the most difficult aspects of production, not only should the music be exceptional, but it should also dictate, or else work in unison with the visual presentation of the production, if this can be achieved only then can the results be satisfactory.

My love for orchestral music particularly, and the desire to compose for my own productions has brought me into the world of composing music. Enjoy the tracks!

Hello, I'm a TORTEX (32). I live in Ukraine and since the childhood the musician. Now I'm professionally engaged in creating music for media. Most of all I love folk music. I'm glad that I can create beautiful music for you. Do not hesitate to ask me any questions, I'm always in touch. tortexrecords@gmail.com

If you need custom music or customized tracks, visit me on my homepage: https://toyinvention.de

tribe is a music producer/composer that does not focus primarily on one genre, he is versatile and explores all areas of music. For him, music is about emotion, feeling and connection. If a song can evoke an emotional response then he has done his job.

Hi, I'm Florian - head of Trouble Media Productions from Cologne, Germany and we love to create audio for any kind of media. From corporate videos to worldwide ad campaigns and cinema trailers - we'll have you covered! With hundreds of songs spread all over the globe, we're really active in sync licensing aswell. Have fun exploring our exclusive songs here at Hooksounds!

I'm tubebackr a music producer/composer originally from the UK now based in Madrid Spain . My passion for creating music started in 2003 when I first discovered music software whilst in Ibiza. I am completely self taught and over the years I've forged a unique style through learning new techniques and experimenting with various different genres. I hope you enjoy my music and find that it works well with your video projects. If you would like to support/follow me, you can also find me on soundcloud as tubebackr -

Thanks for dropping by!

Giuseppe Rizzo (aka "ArtBlanche Studio") is a contemporary music composer and performer. He writes for images (theatre, dance, visual arts, performing arts). He also produces other artists music, as musician, arranger, sound engineer, music teacher.

He has completed three Master degree: Classical Guitar, Instrumental Didactics, Electronic Music. All were achieved with honours at the Conservatory of Music Vincenzo Bellini, in Palermo.

In parallel to his classical musical studies, he has developed over the years a strong specific interest in electronic music and its applications in the field of performing arts, especially theatre, dance and cinema.

His approach to electronic music has opened him up to fascinating possibilities in the field of sound art and sound design; also, he has acquired audio production technical skills (composition, arrangement, recording, mixing, mastering). He has developed professional skills in the use of technology and computer science applied to the music composition, which allowed him to satisfy the variegated expectations of the artists he has worked with. He has always applied to his work the rigor and depth of interpretation learned from ten years of classical musical studies. This led him to favor a mathematical approach to influence sound parameters.

Today he has stable collaborations with writers, directors, choreographers and visual artists, which allow him to investigate with them a common aesthetics and path in the field of performing arts.

Vicente is a musician, composer, producer, multi-instrumentalist & sound designer that loves to produce music!

Hello everyone! My name is Vlad and I'm from Ukraine. I like to produce music in different genres, but especially I like to combine electronic music with folk motives. Thank You so much for choosing my tracks!