HookSounds Web Player

We are happy to unveil our new web player application which will make it easier for our subscribers to access our music portfolio while on the move or in business premises. This unique web player can be used directly from your browser and here’s what you can expect from this new application.

Quick search – Locate all your favorite HookSounds tracks, playlists, artists and albums fast using a well optimized search tool.

New content alerts – Discover all the latest releases by browsing the ‘Featured’ section where all the freshest music is highlighted.

Personalize your experience – The HookSounds web player allows you to customize your interface by configuring your favorite individual tracks, playlists, albums and artists according to your preference.

Get to know the artists – Find out more about contributing artists by visiting their dedicated profile pages.

Supported Browsers

The HookSounds web player can be accessed on all the major web browsers including:

  • Chrome
  • Edge
  • Firefox
  • Safari
  • Opera

Dark Mode – If your eyes are sensitive to high screen resolution or you just prefer the esthetic of a dark theme, you could choose to view the web player in dark mode.

Things to Note

  •  If you have a supported browser but the web player does not work, try and update your browser.
  • Certain public or shared networks, like schools and offices, may limit access to some services. If this happens please contact the relevant network administrator for more information.
  • If you experience any other problems with the web player please contact our support team https://www.hooksounds.com/contact/
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