Can I use HookSounds Music in a music channel?

Although we do not have a specific license for using HookSounds music as standalone tracks in music channels, we can consider granting you access as long as we are able to monetize the content. If you have ideas on how we can mutually benefit from any kind of promotional campaign, please contact us at We […]

Can I use HookSounds Music on Facebook and Instagram?

HookSounds tracks can be used for both Facebook and Instagram as long as you have a valid subscription with us or have purchased a PRO license. If your content is not monetized you can use the USE and MENTION license but remember that attribution is mandatory. Also note that you can only license one Facebook […]

I want to be sponsored by HookSounds

HookSounds offers a one-of-a-kind sponsorship program for outstanding creators as a way of supporting their artistic expression. In this program a selected number of creators are granted full access to our entire music catalog and through targeted networking opportunities, brand awareness, mentions and a close relationship with HookSounds, the sponsored users will help grow and strengthen […]

How can I become an Affiliate?

Are you interested in becoming an affiliate to help spread the word about HookSounds music? We are are always open to partnerships that can help push our brand out there, so if  you keen on becoming a HookSounds ambassador, you can send us your application here and our team will get back to you as soon as […]

The right way to deal with YouTube copyright notices

The right way to deal with YouTube copyright notices Understanding content ID Content ID refers to a widely used fingerprinting process which content creators use to manage and identify any copyrighted content that is on the YouTube platform. All videos that are uploaded on YouTube have to be scanned using special software to determine whether […]