How do YouTubers make money?

At this point, it is no surprise knowing that there are a lot of people out there making money from their YouTube channels. With 30 million active users every day, YouTube has become so big that creating and posting videos on the platform has become a very prominent career. Nowadays young kids and teens everywhere […]

We are looking for a UX/UI Designer!

Want to be part of HookSounds? We are looking for a UX/UI Designer to turn our ideas into easy-to-use features for products that broaden our value proposition for customers. UX/UI Designer responsibilities include: – Understanding the products’ value proposition. – Understanding current and potential user profiles and needs then designing experiences to satisfy them. – […]

What are Diegetic Sounds?

Diegetic is a term probably only those in the filmmaking business have heard of, but if you have landed here is probably because you want to know about its definition too. In filmmaking, the world of a film is called the diegesis, therefore everything that exists within that world is diegetic and everything else is […]

The importance of music in Video Games

All 80s and 90s kids reading this will probably recognise the Mario Bros video games and most likely remember its characteristic soundtrack. Old-school video games such as Pac Man and Mortal Kombat, and even more recent hits like Halo and Fortnite, wouldn’t be the same without their easily recognisable tunes, which have become classics on […]

Como cancelar tu suscripción

Su suscripción puede cancelarse en cualquier momento enviando un correo electrónico a Después de la cancelación, su plan permanecerá activo hasta el final de su período individual en ese momento en la medida en que se pague su tarifa de suscripción.

¿Qué tipo de suscripciones puedo comprar en HookSounds?

Con cualquiera de nuestras suscripciones, obtienes acceso a toda nuestra música de inmediato y a todas las pistas lanzadas en el futuro. Consulte nuestra página de suscripción para comenzar. Actualmente tenemos dos planes de suscripción. El plan premium ( y el plan de negocios ( La principal diferencia entre estos dos es que dentro de […]