This article contains all the information you need to know before submitting  your music to HookSounds.

Note: If you are not a contributor yet, make sure you submit your application to HookSounds.  Follow the link below to apply.

Preparing your files

All files must be in 44.1 kHz 16-bit stereo WAV files (NO MP3). We highly recommend that besides the full WAV track (main track), you include a couple of track variations or loops. In general, this is the standard for HookSounds tracks:

– FULL track
– FULL track without theme (this is the entire track with the main melody)
– loop-able PART A
– loop-able PART B

See and example below of how to name the files for a song named “Beautiful Day”:

– Beautiful-Day-FULL.wav
– Beautiful-Day-FULL-without-theme.wav
– Beautiful-Day-PART-A.wav
– Beautiful-Day-PART-B.wav

Note that this format will normally depend on the song structure. Sometimes a “PART C” will be also included if it exists or an instrumental version (without vocals) when main track contains vocals.

You should keep in mind that our users value the ability to make a song shorter or longer, so they can adapt the song to suit their context. That being said, typically we see our songs being used in videos that are longer than the tracks, where PART A is looped several times and then the rest of the song plays out. In other instances, users make the song fit shorter scenes. Offering a “basic edition”  is important and may result in more purchases of your track.

Zip up the files

We require all WAV files to be contained within a ZIP file with NO FOLDERS inside it. This means that the ZIP file will only contain the WAV files in the root and WILL NOT contain a single folder in it nor MP3s files.

Note: Your compressed ZIP file must not exceed 150 MB in total size.


Make sure you include a general description of your track, include some basic information such as the instruments used, what kind of emotions the track evokes and what you think your music would be most situable for (sports, coportate videos, documentals, cooking videos, etc.) This sometimes helps search engines to find your music when people are looking for music for a specific use.

Category and Tags

Choose the category that most fits your track and betwen 5 to 10 tags that best describe the song. Keep in mind that you can press the CTRL key to select multiple tags in the submission form.

Select the main track

Once you upload the ZIP file, the system will ask you to select the main track contained in your ZIP file.  We require this in order to set up the preview files accordingly.


We prepare and set up the thumbnail images ourselves.

If all steps are followed correctly and your music is situable you will receive a notification once your track is approved.

Good luck!

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