The right way to deal with YouTube copyright notices

Understanding content ID

Content ID refers to a widely used fingerprinting process which content creators use to manage and identify any copyrighted content that is on the YouTube platform. All videos that are uploaded on YouTube have to be scanned using special software to determine whether the content being broadcasted is licensed or not. This is done by comparing the audio and video material with a database of copyrighted content that is registered by content owners. If a video happens to match content that has a registered Content ID, a copyright notice will be placed on the video and the content owner could decide to take some decisive action such as:

  • Clearing the content –  This means that the content owner may decide to allow the video to be screened without taking any action.
  • Tracking – this involves monitoring the viewership statistics of the video
  • Monetization – running ads on the video
  • Muting – silencing the audio of the unlicensed content
  • Blocking –  barring any viewership of unlicensed content

What is a copyright notice?

This is an alert from YouTube stating that a video or audio broadcast contains some content that is Content ID registered. It is important to note that a copyright notice does not necessarily mean that copyright has been infringed. It is basically means that the Content ID has been detected and further action is required.

What is the relevance of HookSounds in this context?

It is important for music creatives to digitally fingerprint their content. HookSounds provides both “use and mention” and licensing options to creators who produce their own original videos.
If you upload a video to YouTube with HookSounds music without a valid license to do so or that does not conform with the license terms, you may receive a monetization claim. Bear in mind that a claim is not a copyright strike, and we will never take down, mute or block your YouTube video for using our music unlicensed as long as you let HookSounds monetize or otherwise comply with HookSounds’s instructions. The only thing that will happen is that ads may appear since HookSounds will monetize your video.

Clearing a copyright notice on YouTube

It is quite simple to clear a copyright notice on YouTube when you’re using licensed music from HookSounds and this is done via an built-in form on the site.Through this correspondence you will state that you have the sufficient rights to use the music, through a purchased license. Use the following steps:

  • Dispute the claim by clicking on the “Matched third party content” notice in the Video Manager. Alternatively this may be done on a dedicated page for copyright notices.
  • Click “File a dispute”
  • Choose the option “I have a license or written permission from the proper rights holder to use this material”
  • Copy and Paste the contents of your HookSounds licensed certificate in the “Reason for dispute” field.

Disputes usually take between 24 hours and 96 hours to be cleared by YouTube. If any other issues come up, you may contact HookSounds or communicate directly with the artist through their profile page.

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