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What is Music for Kids?

Children are very sensitive and perceptive to music, this is why it is important to play tracks and sound effects that resonate better for them. Different styles and rhythms can affect children's behaviour in different ways and help improve their abilities. This is why using music that was thought and created for kids, instead of only playing regular music, can have a great impact on the results.

Why is royalty free music for kids so important?

We all know the incredible power music has in our lives, how it can affect our well being not only emotionally but also physically, so it is easy to understand how this is also true when it comes to kids. And even more.

Kids of all ages like to express themselves through music, even infants bounce and move their hands in response to music, or make up songs and rhythms without being conscious of it. A study made in 2016 in the University of Southern California found that children who experience musical moments in their childhood can accelerate brain development, especially the areas of language and reading skills. But it's not all about academic results, music enhances all the areas of child development and skills, such as social-emotional, intellectual, motor movement and language. This is because exposing kids to music in their early years helps them learn the meaning and sounds of words, as well as dancing, that helps build motor skills and practice self-expression. By moving to music, they also become aware of space around them and improve spatial awareness.

Because infants recognize melodies before they can understand the meaning of the words it is very useful to play simple, short songs to them and make up one or two line songs about usual activities. This helps them learn and incorporate habits like dressing, bathing, eating, playing or sharing.
Another incredible benefit of playing music to toddlers is helping them relax and sleep better, and playing calming, slow tempo songs can do the trick. But most importantly, this is true for any mood, and music brings joy to children. It is fun for them to listen to music, dance, move, clap and just enjoy.

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Best uses of royalty free music for kids

This seems a little repetitive, but any project that is targeted to children needs to use music created for them. This will have a huge impact on how they respond to it, helping them focus and engage with the content you are presenting to them. We can't forget that kids get easily distracted by anything that seems more interesting, so a great way to keep their focus is to play music they enjoy.
Music for kids is needed on any type of project, whether your aim is to calm them, teach them something, or just create animated videos for them to watch.