Stock music de propriedade e gerenciada por Artistas

Exclusive, Curated, Original. HookSounds has been used worldwide by companies like Disney, Amazon, Samsung, Google, Microsoft and many more.

Como tudo começou

Alvaro Angeloro and Veronica Viera started HookSounds with the aim of creating a credible site that offers quality, curated royalty-free music. When they launched the website it only had a couple of commercial tracks that Alvaro had previously composed for various brands, however, HookSounds gradually built a loyal audience and soon became a favorite option for many users.

Valor Cooperativo

Regular stock music, sounds very generic and uninspired. Therefore, online content producers are now looking for modern, stylish and distinctive music which HookSounds strives to provide. These qualities make Hooksounds every year, since 2016 one of the most reliable and trustworthy choice for musicians to choose.

Música que ajuda seu negócio

In order to maintain high standards, we have decided to work with the most skilled musicians who apply to join our community. We believe that the combination of fair pay and methodical curation results in a high-quality end product. Although many were skeptical of our potential when we were launching, (some even called us crazy!) we have managed to turn HookSounds into a resounding success. Having exclusive content will be always a distinctive we’ll be proud of.


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