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Exclusive, Curated, Original. HookSounds has been used worldwide by companies like Disney, Amazon, Samsung, Google, Microsoft and many more.

How it all started

Alvaro Angeloro and Veronica Viera started HookSounds as a self-funded, fully remote company with the aim of creating a credible site that offers high-quality, well curated royalty-free music. When they launched the website it only had a couple of commercial tracks that Alvaro had previously composed for various brands, however, HookSounds gradually built a loyal audience and soon became a favorite option for many users. We now only offer original music working worldwide with in-house artists that have helped enhance and grow our music library, and developed amazing sound effects, intros and outros collections, offering a full-package to cover any need for content producers. We keep adding tracks each week with the effort to offer better options and stay up to date with new trends and platforms. These qualities make Hooksounds every year, since 2016, one of the most reliable and trustworthy choices for content producers to choose from and gave us the opportunity to work along incredible brands and projects.

Cooperative Value

Regular stock music sounds very generic and uninspired. Therefore, online content producers are now looking for modern, stylish and distinctive music which HookSounds strives to provide.While exploring our collection you can be sure that each and every track and sound effect was produced with the purpose of being the ideal soundtrack to each specific type of content. We think about the different platforms. We think about the style. We think about you.

Music that helps your business

In order to maintain high standards, we work with the most skilled musicians and are actually part of our company. We believe that the combination of fair pay, methodical curation, research and a great team, results in a high-quality end product. Although many were skeptical of our potential when we were launching, (some even called us crazy!) we have managed to turn HookSounds into a resounding success. Having exclusive content will always be a distinctive thing we'll be proud of.

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