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Integrate music to your business

HookSounds is a music service that can be easily integrated with your business.

We provide royalty-free music tracks to be used in any project and in any way you want. You can use them on a website, an app, or as background music for your business.

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Why HookSounds?

HookSounds Connect allows you to integrate our exclusive music without worrying about copyright. We provide you the necessary rights through specific certificates for you to be able to use our music on your service.

We are the composers, we have the rights, and we provide 100% of those rights for you and your clients for the amount of time you need. We ensure legal protection.

Virtually connect with any service you can imagine

After you choose the music, we give you API access or FTP access for you to download them in minutes. You won't integrate alone. Our engineers will work with you until you get your app or service up and running.

Need music advisory? Our music curator will help you to select the best music for your service, so you don’t have to scroll through our entire library.

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Legal Guarantees

We have options!

Sub-licensing Agreements: You can sub-license as many tracks as you want through yearly agreements. These tracks will be integrated to your service or app. This agreement will cover the usage your users will give to the music and all territories you want.

In-Store Agreements: If you are looking for music for stores, restaurants, gyms and other shops, we can provide you with amazing tracks and certificates that will cover any copyright issue.

Partnership Agreements: We also have partnership agreements, so you can offer something extra to your users. We can give you a special discount code for your users as an exclusive benefit from your service!

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Reach out to our team to learn more about how you can integrate with HookSounds.
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