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Can I monetize my video featuring HookSounds music?

If you want to monetize your YouTube video, meaning that you are going to make a profit with your content (either through ads or sponsoring), you will need a PRO license per video.

If you are a business owner, then instead of a PRO license, you will need a BUSINESS license per video, as this will be considered as “Internet advertising”.

It is very important that you bear in mind that a PRO, BUSINESS or BROADCAST license is only valid for one end-product only, that is, for a single content. If you want to re-use the music in another production, then you would have to buy another license even if it is for the same song.

So if plan to post multiple YouTube videos, it’s worth subscribing. This subscription will give you access to our entire music library with unlimited downloads. Also, within your active subscription period, you can post as many monetized YouTube videos as you want at no additional cost. Therefore, if you are going to create more than one videos or projects, we advise you to go for a subscription plan instead of an individual license.