Original Music

From London to New York, Ukraine to Argentina; from the remotest locations to the most iconic cities, we welcome you to our amazing community of talented independent musicians. Our musical diversity and high standards of quality make HookSounds the best stock music hub in the world. Each of the artists bring something different and special to our collection, and they create music thinking about the projects and the content that you might need!

How we produce

We are the only royalty free music site that creates all our music thinking about enhancing and bringing projects to life, this means we don’t give you the license to use existing music, but to use exclusive music, created to fit content. That is our aim and focus, to make your project as amazing as it can be. While browsing through our library you can be sure that each and every track and sound effect was created with the purpose of being the perfect soundtrack to a specific type of content.

We think about the different platforms. We think about the style. We think about you. JUST LISTEN.

Task list

Research & Planning

Team focused on content trends, new media and insights from different sources to come up with original Actions, Products, and Tools to cater to our communities and business partners.

Screen and speaker

Original music production

From music tracks to intros/outros and sound effects, our 100% in-house team of musicians compose and produce assets innovating on what and how to create, staying on top of what’s best for our community.

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Content Release

We are constantly following content trends by community insights and data analysis in order to make sure to release modern and trendy productions.


We build HookSounds for you, so we would like to hear what new features or music you want us to release. Feel free to propose or upvote listed product features, music compositions, and more in our public roadmap.