Sometimes we overlook the significance of music but virtually all the videos that we watch are accompanied by some kind of musical content. The melodies we hear in the background are not meant to be the highlight; they simply accentuate the video by adding a certain intended vibe.

The background music you choose for your video greatly influences the tone of your entire project, so it’s advisable to pick the best possible track if you want your message to be well received by the audience. The tone and vibe of the chosen track has to match the video’s style, so at the end it makes sense.

Music truly has more influence than you may think, and that’s why we emphasize so much on choosing the right tracks for your projects. The difference between a good and a bad final result can be found in whether you’ve chosen the right music!

 We are here to help, so here are a couple of tips that may help you when choosing the right music for your videos.

The first step when searching for a particular genre of music is to check in the ‘categories’ section. Here at HookSounds, we have many categories from which you can easily pick the most suitable tracks for your videos.

Another aspect you need to consider before selecting a particular track is, as we said before, the mood of your video; since it has to match with the background music. Once you follow these guidelines, it will be easy to pick the music that suits your content.

Check out a couple of tracks we have selected from our library below!

Possibilities are endless when looking for the right music, and that’s why we want to help you! Up here we left some options for you to take a look at,  from a daily, fashion or travel vlogger to whatever kind of project you have in mind, we’ve got you covered! Feel free to check our entire library, go through our categories and find the track that suits you and your project the most!