Make a living playing music. Applications are open.

HookSounds offers a simple, and profitable way for artists to make money for doing what they love – making music!


Contributor Royalties

HookSounds contributors earn royalties from each purchase a user makes.


Your track is licensed for:

  • $18 under the Standard License
  • $44 under the Extended License
  • $580 under the TV/Radio License

Royalty Rates

The HookSounds royalty rate for now is 30% and 70% for the artist. We are offering this rate for our first 50 contributors. Then, the rate will be  65% (which is still the highest in the industry). There is still room for you. All prices and royalties are in USD.

Payout Threshold

We pay royalties monthly no matters how much you’ve made, there is no minimum. We are working on a solution for instant payments, so that whenever a licensed of one of your tracks is purchased, you get paid right away. We’ll have news about this soon. Payments are sent via Paypal (if you don’t have an account yet, you can create one in minutes, it’s free)

Tax Forms

For now HookSounds doesn’t require any tax forms from contributors. As HookSounds is a non US company we don’t provide US tax forms like the 1099.