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As an editor, you’re given the opportunity to make wedding videos as magical as possible. And music is a key element to achieve that. Read below to see how music can transform your content while getting the most out of your HookSounds subscription!

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The importance of choosing the right wedding music

Any couple that is getting married faces the hard task of choosing the right music for the ceremony. And as a video editor, this job extends to you, having the challenge to find the perfect royalty free music for the video. This video will be something the couple will watch and remember for the rest of their lives (hopefully), and it has to live up to what they will probably consider the best day ever.

This is an incredibly special day, and music is the most powerful tool video makers have to make the video as emotional and happy as the day itself. People want to see it and relive the experience, as well as make them feel every moment, even without using the same music as at the wedding. It is all about telling a beautiful story, so once you have the footage and images, you need to go piece by piece and recreate all the memorable parts.

In the old days, wedding videos were only watched by a few close friends and family but nowadays, thanks to social media, there are hundreds of people who will probably see your work. You would be amazed by how many people are searching wedding videos of strangers every day as if they were movies, or to get inspired and get ideas for their own.
This is why it is so important to avoid copyright claims or getting the video taken down, and to use royalty free music.

Best tips to choose the right royalty free music for wedding videos

1. Get to know the lucky couple

Before editing the video, get to know the couple personally. Find out what style they have, how they met, and of course, their music taste. This doesn't mean letting them choose the songs, which can be complicated since they will most definitely choose well-known songs that are far out of budget. But getting to know what genres they like can help you choose the best royalty free music.
Also, pay close attention to the music they have selected for the wedding, and try to capture what they were going for in each moment.

2. Understand the overall style and mood of the wedding.

As the videographer, you need to choose music that will match the style of the wedding, what location did they use? Is it themed? Is it extremely fancy? Boho? Maybe on the beach?
All these are elements that should influence the background music for the video. As well as considering the mood, there are weddings that are super festive and joyful, others more emotional or filled with tears, and most of them have both. So when telling a beautiful story on video, it is vital that you take into consideration what each chapter felt like, and revive it with music.

3. Know the 10 most important moments of a wedding and how to musicalize them.

Of course, there are couples that might create surprises in the middle of the party or in the end, and you will need to add and musicalize them in the video. But here is a list of the classic 10 most important moments of a wedding:
Prelude, processional, bride's entrance, vows, exit, reception, first dance, dance with parents, open-floor dance party, and the closing.

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Why choose Hooksounds collection of royalty free music?

We know that one of the most difficult tasks for video makers is to find a place where they can choose the music easily and fast. And of course, that it is royalty free. At Hooksounds we make everything as easy as possible: you can browse and filter our music by genres, moods, and tags to find what you are looking for. We will be more than happy to assist and help you in case you need it, or to create a custom track specially made for the wedding couple.
With a subscription, you will have access to our entire library of music and sound effects, no PRO payments, no hidden fees or copyright claims and a refund policy.