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Royalty free music is a key element when it comes to establishing the mood for your vlogs, and here we will teach you how to do it. Check out the tips and tricks below and learn everything related to Royalty Free Vlog Music and take your content to the next level.

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The importance of choosing the perfect music for your Vlogs

Vlogs have become a huge part of social media, especially Youtube, with millions of people showing their daily activities, passions and skills. And when it comes to creating a vlog that catches people's attention, music is as important as having amazing visuals. The mood and tone will be defined by the music you choose, and when playing the right background music viewers will emotionally connect and enjoy your content more. So the vibe and overall success of your vlog will be deeply affected depending on the genre, tempo, style, mood and vibe of the music you choose.

Why is royalty free music so important for Vlogs?

The main benefit of using great music is that it will set the mood and tone for your viewers, making them engage and feel an emotional connection to your vlog. For example, if you produce a meditation video, chances are you will use relaxing, calm music that will help the viewers get in a mindfulness state. So as soon as they play the video and hear the tracks they will know immediately the type of content and vibe your video has.

Another amazing benefit is that it will help build up your image. Music shows your personality, style and overall vibe, and also affects the quality of your vlog, so it makes your audience engage in the effort and production you put into it.

So let's talk a little about the different types of music you will need for your vlog, starting with intros. This refers to the track you play in the first seconds of the video and plays the role of an introduction to the audience, showing them from the beginning what you are all about. Repeating an intro and making it your characteristic sound can help the audience recognize and get familiarized with you.
Then we have background music and transition music, this will accompany you through the entire vlog, anticipating to the audience what is coming and guiding them through the different parts. It gives structure and continuity while setting the different moods. And lastly, you can choose to add outros to your vlog, which is music played in the last seconds of the video, making the audience have an ending vibe instead of just abruptly finishing it.

Now that we have established the different types of music your vlog needs and why it is so important to choose the right songs, we will give you a little guide about the types of vlogs and genres that go well together.

-Beauty and fashion: Upbeat acoustic, pop and electro-pop.
-Sports: Dramatic, cinematic scores, electronic and rock.
-Training: pop and a lot of bass.
-Health: ambiance music.
-Travel: Ethnic, electronic, ambient.

Of course, there are many more genres to discover and play with, and the most important thing is just knowing the effect each one has on the audience as well as the effect of the tempo, style and mood.

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Why choose royalty free music for vlogs? And why HookSounds?

We are all very familiar with copyright laws, which enforce that anyone using a song whose rights are owned by another person or company needs to have permission. The company or person has the ability to decide who they want to allow to use their songs, and under what conditions, especially financial. Using music without their permission can get your vlog taken down, your account penalized (suspended or banned) and even being sued. And even though it is tempting to use your favorite songs, or even small parts of them, doing it legally can be extremely expensive.

An amazing option is using royalty free music. Here at HookSounds, we own a vast collection of music, sound effects intros and outros, created especially for this type of content by world-class artists. It is easy to browse, and even easier to get the license to use. You can buy a single license or get a subscription and gain access to our entire library with no PRO payments, no copyright claims, or hidden fees.
Our tracks are exclusive and original, and will give your vlog the personality and appeal it needs! The best part? If you want a track made just for you, we can create a customized song according to your needs.