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Can I use HookSounds for In-Store music?

Yes! We believe music is a fundamental aspect of any kind of business. If you have a store and would like to musicalize it without worrying about legal issues regarding copyright, then royalty free music is the way to go. 

When choosing music, most brands (if not all) tend to use copyrighted music, for which they are expected to pay hefty copyright fees. What most of them don’t know is that it is more viable to use royalty-free music that only requires a once-off payment for a license and then they can use the track as many times as they want. This is much easier than worrying about infringement and the legal issues that may arise if the copyright rules are not followed.

Our business subscription covers up to five locations for in-store music. If you have more than that amount of locations, contact us for a custom plan.

With our licenses, you will get a certificate per location that you can rapidly download yourself by following these steps.  And you can change the information of the store, making it super easy to get a new certificate in case of changing locations.

Drop us an email at and tell us about your business and we’ll recommend the best plan for you!