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Can I use HookSounds Music on Facebook and Instagram?

The music from HookSounds can be used on both Facebook and Instagram as long as you have a valid subscription with us or have purchased an individual license. If your content is non-monetized, you can use the USE and MENTION license, but remember that attribution is mandatory.

Also, please note that you can only license one Facebook or Instagram account per subscription. This means you cannot use your subscription for multiple accounts.

By purchasing any of our licenses, you are allowed to use our music on Facebook or Instagram commercially. We whitelist your videos or content on Facebook and Instagram through Facebook’s Rights Manager without you having to take any action.

For annual subscribers, you can submit the details of your Facebook or Instagram page for whitelisting, and your entire page will be whitelisted. This process clears all your history and prevents any possible claims. For more information on this, please contact us at