How can we help you?

Welcome to HookSounds’s Help Center, here you’ll find answers to commonly asked questions.


Who is HookSounds designed for?

HookSounds is designed for anyone who is looking for music to enhance their projects’ features. Some of the creators that use HookSounds include:

  • creating homemade videos
  • running your YouTube channel
  • musicalizing your store
  • creating content for third parties
  • creating a podcast
  • a streamer
  • an app
  • a platform
  • and many more!

As you can see, no matter what type of content you are creating, there’s a place for you at HookSounds. We care about our customers and each of their particular projects, being able to give advice to each one of you thanks to our skilled team. You can always contact us through chat or email at to get some music advice.

Be sure to check our royalty free music, sound effects and intros to enhance your projects with a really cool soundtrack.