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What certificate will I receive when I purchase a subscription?

When you purchase a subscription to HookSounds, you will receive an invoice via email that acts as a certificate of license for the tracks that you are authorized to use. This document is issued by HookSounds and serves as proof that you have obtained the necessary rights to use the music in accordance with the terms of your subscription.

It is important to keep a copy of this document on hand, as it may be required as proof of your license in certain circumstances, such as if you receive a copyright claim or if you are asked to provide documentation of your rights to use the music.

In addition to the invoice, you will also have access to your purchase history, which is a record of all of the subscriptions and purchases that you have made through HookSounds. You can view your purchase history at any time by logging into your HookSounds account and accessing the “Purchase History” section. From here, you can view details about your past purchases, including the date of the purchase, the type of subscription or license that was purchased, and any other relevant information.