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Instagram is known as one of the overall best social media platforms to share content and brand building. With today’s competition, things might get a bit difficult, but don’t worry! We’re here to help you stand out from the rest. Scroll down to check out the best royalty free tracks for Instagram, entirely made by HookSounds.

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The importance of using music on Instagram

Over the years, Instagram has become one of the most used social media platforms, with millions of people sharing their lives, art, work, and interests every day. It has around one billion users, ninety-five million posts shared, and 4,2 billion posts liked per day. Insane right? This platform is big and powerful enough to create its own celebrities and networks and boost any existing business.

Brandwatch studied that 60% of people on Instagram play the stories with the sound on. So this is proof enough that adding music can have a huge impact on your followers and your content.

Many Instagrammers are tempted by the idea of using their favorite songs for their videos, but whether your account is personal or business, choosing the ideal song is not as easy as it seems. Due to copyright reasons, you could have your content removed or your account banned, and things can get even more complicated if the music is used for Instagram Ads. Even though many people believe in the few seconds rule for using copyright music, Instagram's algorithm will probably catch it, and honestly, it's not even worth the trouble.

This is why the safest option is to get a music license, here at Hooksounds you can purchase a single license, or get a subscription and enjoy our full library. With no PRO payments, no copyright claims, or hidden fees. And the best part? All of our music is created with the purpose of being used on different projects and platforms, so we have many tracks made for Instagram. One of the bigger benefits of using our music is originality and high quality, giving your content a unique sound that will differentiate you from your competitors and engage your followers. After all, we all get tired of listening to the same songs on every story right?

How to choose the perfect royalty free music for your Instagram content?

1. Get to know your audience

This goes for any business and content, it is vital to know who the people that follow and engage with your posts are. For this, you can use Instagram insights or any other tool on the internet, and of course, you might know just from interacting with your followers. So are they teenagers or adults? Fun or more serious? From what part of the world they are? What language do they speak? What is their style? and most importantly, why do they follow you? What do they expect to see on your content? The music you choose to musicalize your posts and stories needs to align with all of these aspects, meaning it needs to feel natural and interesting to your followers.

2. It needs to make sense with your message.

We all know that different kinds of music have different effects on the human brain. Meaning it can affect the way they perceive time, influence emotions and moods, and change people's attitudes. So first you need to be clear on what you want to communicate and what emotions you want to evoke in your followers, for example, if you are a Yoga teacher, using meditation music will be the way to go since it is known for helping release stress, relax and connect to the moment. On the other hand, if you use pop or rock music, you will distract the audience from yoga and get them in a whole different mood, or just lose their interest. Music can enhance your content or ruin it completely, so get to know your audience and have a clear goal when choosing the right track.

3. Think about your brand

Music, especially if you keep a consistent style, or even better, have different tracks that you repeat on specific content, can help build your brand. For example, if you have different types of content, like a cooking section, an exercise one and a travel guide, having intros for each one can have a huge impact on the engagement, making followers know what you are posting about and associating it immediately.
The quality of the music and the style can show what your brand is all about.

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