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Every professional Twitch streamer has a unique and recognizable intro, and now it’s time you have your own. See below and try out the best royalty free intros and tracks for Twitch and elevate your content to a whole new level.

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The importance of music in Twitch

Twitch has become the undisputed leader in live streaming, growing at an unprecedented rate over the last few years. This incredible app allows users to stream live, or pre-recorded material for hours, allowing viewers to feel connected and a part of their day. It started being used mostly by gamers, showing how they played their video games, but it has now expanded to other types of content like music, art, talk shows, and even some tv shows.

And of course, like in any other platform, playing background music has become a key element. Music helps the audience connect to the content, and sets the mood for the streaming which is a fundamental part of keeping the audience engaged. Some twitch streamers go for long hours uninterrupted, and music is an amazing way to keep the viewers entertained since it has the power to change the perception of time and relax them. But of course, it has to be the right music, otherwise, it will have the contrary effect.

Choosing the right music is mostly about knowing your audience, what they expect to see, what mood they want to be in, and their general interests. But it is also about knowing music, and the different effects it has on the brain. Every genre, style, and mood has a specific influence on the listeners, getting them focused, relaxed, sleepy, upbeat, emotional, or energetic. So it is important to define these things before choosing the tracks you will use as background music for your twitch stream.

What music can I play on twitch?

Because of everything we mentioned above, Twitch streamers enhance their content using music and sound effects to create the perfect ambiance, show the tracks they like or simply entertain. But in many cases, they don't know that Twitch has very strict rules when it comes to using music. So let's start by answering the main question: Can I play music on twitch? The answer is yes, of course, but this is the music that is allowed by the platform:

- your own music, owning the copyright.
-public domain music.
-having a license or permission to use it.
-performances on the live stream
-songs from the Twitch music library.

As a Twitch streamer, it is important to get familiarized with music copyright rules and understand how they work, of course, you don't need to be an expert, but this knowledge can save you money, and avoid your account from being penalized.

Most commercial music out there is protected by copyright laws. This means there is a company or person that owns the rights to that song, having the power to decide who can play their music, how they can play it, and under what financial conditions they will be allowed to do so. Even when playing a few seconds of a copyrighted song (which many people believe is allowed) you might get banned, sued, or have your account suspended or deleted. Needless to say, it is not worth it.

Another misconception most people have is that they own the right to use music after they paid for a subscription on Spotify, or downloaded songs from Itunes. But it is not the case, these purchases only allow personal use of the music, and it is forbidden to use on Twitch while streaming.

Fortunately, there are many royalty-free music sites where you can download music or sound effects from. Here at Hooksounds, we not only offer royalty-free music but have artists from all over the world creating tracks thinking about the different types of content and platforms. So we actually have music made for Twitch.
You can buy a single license or get a subscription and have full access to our library of exclusive and original songs. This means you have the right to use the music and sound effects for your Twitch streamings by paying monthly or yearly. Easy right?
No copyright claims, hidden fees, or PRO payments.

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