Use and Mention License

1) The Use and Mention Licence grants you, the purchaser, the opportunity to download our music and use it for free. We only ask in exchange a mention to HookSounds and the author of the song

2) You are licensed to use the Item as long as you give attribution to the author and to HookSounds. In all cases attribution must contain a link to the item you’ve used in HookSounds in the following way:

Artist: Name of the author

Title: Title of the track

Royalty Free Music

3) If you are part of a bussines looking for music for it, this licence in not appropiate for it and you must purchase a licence. It’s use is only allowed for PERSONAL use. It is not for commercial use.

4)If you choose to use our tracks under the “Use and Mention” licence, have in mind that you can not monetize it. If this is what you want, we have many other licences that are right for it.

5)The license includes the right to utilize the Items in any online video platform or social network (YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, etc).

Remember, mandatory attribution is required to use our music under this licence.