Royalty Free Music for Cartoons

Have you been searching for unique royalty free music for cartoons? 

If the answer is yes, you're in the right place. This collection contains a wide variety of tracks specially intended for animated cartoons, family videos, and content for children in general. So come on by! We're more than happy to show you what we got.

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What is Royalty Free Music for Cartoons?

The collection Royalty free music for cartoons was especially hand-made for children's cartoons and family videos. It features royalty free music tracks, royalty free sound effects, and even various intros & outros to make your content sound original and exclusive.

The songs contain cheeky sounds and upbeat tones that help setting a playful, yet melodic tone for adults and children alike.

Why is Royalty Free Music for Cartoons important?

Having the right music choice for your videos is crucial to stand out as a content creator. Not only does it set the perfect mood and tone for your content, it also helps you and your brand stand out from the rest.

Adding these tracks to your videos not only has a huge impact on your little viewers, but also on your final result. Parents are specially picky when exposing their kids to media and having the right music tracks for your content shows your attention to detail. 

And trust me, parents love it when you're into detail.

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Why Choose Royalty Free Music by Hooksounds?

As video makers, we know that one of the most difficult tasks is to find the perfect royalty music that fits your brand. At HookSounds we make everything as easy as possible: you can browse and filter our royalty free tracks by genres, moods, and tags to find what you are looking for.

Become part of the family, access and download royalty free music and sound effects to make your brand sound unique.