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Do you want to make content about NFTs and have no idea what type of music you should use? Don't worry, we've got you covered. Check out the tips and tricks below and learn everything related to Royalty Free NFT Music to take your content to the next level.

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What are NFTs?

NFTs are so popular nowadays that everyone is making content about it. NFT stands for Non-Fungible Token which basically means that it is a digital asset that is unique and that can't be replaced with anything else. When you own an NFT, no one else can have it. You can always sell it and the ownership of the item is unique. NFTs can be a wide variety of things, between them you can find all types of music, drawings, films, GIFs, and collectibles. However, digital art is the main focus of NFTs. With these Non-Fungible Tokens, artists will find a unique opportunity to sell their art and be supported by the NFT community.

NFTs exist on a blockchain which is a digital ledger of transactions that is distributed across the entire network of computer systems. By using a blockchain, NFTs’ authenticity and ownership can be certified. Not only artists are selling their goods, but big companies like Taco Bell or Nike are also selling their own NFTs and people are going crazy over it. The special thing about this whole world is that anyone can understand how to make an NFT and how to sell it.

We have written some interesting articles about NFTs, one of them explaining What is NFT Art and the other one explaining NFT Royalties.

Why is royalty free NFT music important?

Lots of people are making NFT content to explain to their audience what these Non-Fungible Tokens are and how they work. And you should always consider adding music to your project! Music is a great tool that will help set the mood and tone for your audience, making them engage and feel an emotional connection to your content. As soon as they play the video and hear the background music, they will capture the vibe your video has.

Besides that, music is all about personality, style and vibe. The tracks you use, talk about who you are and what you are communicating. It also talks about the quality of your videos and your channel, so selecting the right royalty free music is important for your productions. 

For your NFT content, you'll need different types of music. Let's start with intros, which are the tracks you play in the first seconds of the video and they are remarkable for a proper introduction to the audience. With the intro, you'll show your viewers what you are all about. Take note that repeating an intro and making it your characteristic sound will help your audience recognize and get familiarized with you. 

The background music and transition music are also key elements for your content since they will accompany you through the entire video. Once you put everything together, the tracks will give structure to your project and set different moods. Then, you have the outros which you can also add to your production. An outro, contrary to the intro, is the music played in the last seconds, giving an end to your video instead of just abruptly finishing it. 

And last but not least, let's not forget about the sound effects. Using sound effects can totally improve your project; using them shows attention to detail and not only does it help to deliver information but also it evokes an emotional response. It emphasizes what's on-screen and increases the production value. 

Our selection of music for your NFT content is all about futuristic tracks, with a technological and electronic vibe. We understand that NFTs are the future, and the future is here. 

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Why choose royalty free music for NFT content? And why HookSounds?

We are all very familiar with copyright laws, which enforce that anyone using a song whose rights are owned by another person or company needs to have permission. The company or person has the ability to decide who they want to allow to use their songs, and under what conditions, especially financial. Using music without their permission can get your videos taken down, your account penalized (suspended or banned) and even being sued. And even though it is tempting to use your favorite songs, or even small parts of them, doing it legally can be extremely expensive.

An amazing option is using royalty free music. Here at HookSounds, we own a vast collection of music, sound effects intros and outros, created especially for this type of content by world-class artists. It is easy to browse, and even easier to get the license to use. You can buy a single license or get a subscription and gain access to our entire library with no PRO payments, no copyright claims, or hidden fees.
Our tracks are exclusive and original, and will give your NFT videos the personality and appeal it needs! The best part? If you want a track made just for you, we can create a customized song according to your needs.