NFTs are changing the world, and media has been absolutely flooded by them. And yes, we know that they can be a little hard to understand, but we will explain it all to you. We have already covered NFT Royalties, but today we are going to answer some questions like what is NFT art, how to create NFT art and why you should create NFTs. So if you are here looking for everything that there is to know about NFT art, you are in the right place! 

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What Is NFT Art?

This is probably the most asked question on Google right now, and we are here to dispel all your doubts about it. Let’s start with a definition; NFT stands for Non-Fungible Token. This means that it is a digital asset that is unique, that can not be replaced with anything else. When you own an NFT, no one else can have it. You can always sell it and the ownership of the item is unique.

NFTs can be a wide variety of things, between them, you can find all types of music, drawings, films, GIFs, and collectibles. However, the thing that sells the most is digital art. With NFTs, artists will find a unique opportunity to sell their art and be supported by the NFT community. 

NFTs exist on a blockchain, which is a digital ledger of transactions that is distributed across the entire network of computer systems. By using a blockchain, NFTs’ authenticity and ownership can be certified. Besides, NFTs are certified by certain token standards, like Ethereum’s ERC-721, which introduces a standard for NFTs. This standard describes how to build unique tokens. There is also another, the ERC-1155 standard. With these standards, you know that an NFT is unique, indivisible, of non-transferable identity and limited.

Not only artists are selling their goods, but big companies like Taco Bell or Nike are also selling their own NFTs and people are going crazy over it. The special thing about this whole world is that anyone can understand how to make an NFT and how to sell it. 

Where To Buy NFT Art?

You may be wondering where can you buy NFT Art… Well, we got an answer for you! You can find NFT Art in all the online marketplaces that exist. Some of them are OpenSea, which is the most popular and established NFT Art. You can also buy NFT Art on Foundation, which is a premium marketplace where you can find exclusive art. SuperRare and Rarible are other sites where you can definitely find some interesting pieces of NFT Art.

How To Create NFT Art? 

Now that you know all about NFT, let’s learn how to create one! 

  • The first thing you have to do in order to create NFT art is to choose an NFT Marketplace. There are a few marketplaces from which you can select, like OpenSea (which is the largest in NFT collections), Rarible, Binance, Foundation and so many more!  

You should know that there are two types of marketplace out there; one of them is curated platforms that are exclusively for authorized artists, here you’ll find high-quality digital art. An example of a curated platform is SuperRare.

On the other hand, you also have self-service platforms which allow anyone to create their NFT however they like. Platforms like this are OpenSea or Rarible. 

When selecting a platform, have in mind the security the platform offers, the type of marketplace, the compatibility of the digital wallet and the user’s reviews on the site.

  • Once you have selected your preferred platform and created your account, let’s set up a digital wallet. Here you’ll store your NFTs and your cryptocurrencies. If you have Ether it’s better since lots of NFTs are created on Ethereum.

When creating an NFT you’ll have to pay for gas fees. This is a fee you pay to execute any transaction on the blockchain. They vary in cost because the price is determined by the current demand on the blockchain at the time of the transaction. 

  • Before creating your digital NFT art, you’ll need to create a collection. Imagine it as a digital store for your digital arts. Make sure to write a name for the collection and a compelling description. You can also upload a display image.
  • Now it’s time to finally create your first NFT digital artwork. You’ll choose the Create button on the platform you’ve chosen and next, add a new item. Here you’ll be able to upload the file you’ll be selling and give it a name. You can also add a description to let people know about the token, and you can also add an external link to your webpage, Instagram, or whichever URL link you want to add. 

Here you’ll also add properties, levels and stats which will help filter your artwork. All these fields are optional, but they are helpful. For example, if you are selling a piece of art you can add relevant information about it like size, year, etc.  

NFT Art Examples

You’ve probably heard of some of the most amazing NFT art that have been sold. You’ve probably seen the logo monkeys that have been around the whole internet, or the rainbow dancing cat. Well, you can create different things, even the most bizarre ones. Here are some examples:

Nyan Cat Gif:


Sports Collectibles: NBA SHOTS

Nike NFT’s Sneakers

How To Sell NFT Art?

After creating your NFT Art, as we explained earlier, you’ll have to decide the blockchain you will be using, for example, Ethereum, and then you’ll have to pay for the gas fees we’ve mentioned above. Next, you’ll be able to choose the payment tokens for your artwork and also select a percentage of royalty for when your work is resold.  You should, of course, double-check everything and then click on the create button. Congratulations! You have created your first NFT.

  • Okay, now what? You’ve created your first NFT, but you still have to put it on sale. In order to do this, go to your NFTs and click on ‘sell’, here you can select if you want a fixed price for your digital artwork or if you want to do a timed auction. For a fixed price, you’ll only have to select the amount you want to sell your NFT. Your NFT will be available to purchase as soon as it is put on sale. 

That’s how you create NFT art! Easy, right?

Why Should You Create A NFT?

Everyone is scared of new things, and we certainly know that NFT might look scary and unknown. However, they are quite easy to use. And content creators and artists can totally benefit from the NFT world. We know that since early times, artists have struggled to make sales of their goods. But forget about all that with NFTs! 

Firstly, one of NFTs’ benefits is that it’s a way you can earn money. The good thing about NFTs is that they are backed by blockchain technology, which means that it’s possible to track every sale made. And not only that, your work is verifiable and authentic thanks to the standards from the blockchain. Your artwork is also owned by one person at a time. 

Another benefit content creators and artists get from NFTs are that they can completely forget about spending money on art galleries or auction houses. Since all the browsing, exploring and transactions are conducted on the Internet, you can say goodbye to auction houses. You can keep an important portion of the profit you receive. 

We’ve talked about this in a previous article, but a good thing about NFTs is that you can program royalties into your artwork. So, every time your artwork is sold to another person, you’ll receive a percentage of this sale. You can also select the royalty percentage you desire, it usually goes between 5% to 10%. 


NFTs are trending, and they are different from everything we know. Creating NFT art is not complicated, and anyone with a computer can do it. Besides, it’s a way to earn money and your work can be verifiable. The simplicity it brings is also something to take into account, you can just upload your NFTs on the Internet and forget about art galleries or auction houses. So, all in all, will you be surfing the NFTs wave?