‘Royalty-free’ music refers to licensed tracks that do not require users to pay recurring royalties. This means that in order to use a royalty-free track, you simply pay a one-time fee to get the legal right to use it for your project. There is a common misconception that since the word ‘free’ is in the name then it is completely free to use; and this is not always the case.

Please note that ‘royalty-free’ and ‘copyright-free’ are not synonymous terms. Royalty-free means that you are granted the use of copyrighted material after purchasing a license or subscription by the copyright owner. HookSounds, in this case, owns the copyright to the music in its library and offers individual track licenses or subscriptions to users who want to access the music for their projects.

Music is considered copyright-free if the copyright has expired or in cases where the copyright holder has specifically given up or transferred some or all rights to the intellectual property in question. HookSounds DOES NOT offer any copyright-free music.

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