About the Track

Get the sound of Cincinnati! It is funky, gritty, punchy and to the point with a precise, almost mechanical, yet extremely funky playing style featuring trumpets and funk guitars . The sound? Dirty. The drums have a very organic feel which loosens the whole situation a bit.
This is a great song for vlogs, tours, any kind of outdoor videos, intro’s and outro’s and much more!

The LICENSED VERSION provides many possibilities when editing. You can literally build your own version of the song by yourself with all these extra elements! (~ 130MB of high quality WAV files!)

The LICENSED VERSION includes the following audio files in WAV and MP3:

– The full song
– The full song without the horns
– A short version of the song (about 1 minute in length)
– A long version of the song (about 4 minutes in length)
– Part A (loopable)
– Funk Part 1 (loopable)
– Funk Part 2 (loopable)
– Funk Part 3 (loopable)
– Part A with drums and bass (with percussion)
– Part A only with drums and bass (no percussion)
– Part B only with drums and bass (no percussion)


"Music is the shorthand of emotion." - Leo Tolstoy

Unlimited music - $29/month

or single license

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