About the Track

“Before I Sleep” is track I released in 2016.

This song became extremely popular and now you can use it in your projects!

Excellent, smooth vibes with cute female vocal line – this is perfect recipe for background music.
Growing electronic lead, smooth breaks between particular song parts could bring amazing effect with yours good video montage.

In commercial version you’ll find full track, track without female vocal and loopable particular parts of song – such as low-level bass lead break, full lead with vocal and full lead without vocal. It’s easy with them to make song longer/shorter if you want.

A lot of creators picked this track to improve final effect of their effort and they are successfull, with thousands
and billions views.

Don’t waste time!



"By purchasing a license for this song you would really help us to keep doing what we love to do. Making more high quality music for you." - Nicolai Heidlas
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