About the Track

Queen Of The Skies is a big orchestral composition. It starts with a soft and emotional piano and then suddenly goes into a dramatic turn featuring majestic horns, strings, crashes and heavy orchestral drums which really grabs the listeners ears.
The song instantly changes from soft and peaceful to an extremely dramatic and energetic mood. It’s a great track for films/movies and serious themes!

The licensed version includes many different files:

– The full version of “Queen Of The Skies”
– Part A (dramatic, with drums)
– Part B (dramatic, with drums)
-Part A (no drums)
– Part B (no drums)
– isolated intro with a different ending
– A short version of the song (~1 min)
– A long version of the song (~ 3 min)

– suspense part A (loopable)
– suspense part B (loopable)
– loopable suspense part with higher bass note (high A)


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