About the Track

A deep french and Mike pop for dance and fly!


Files included in FREE version:

  • Time-To-Dance-HookSounds.com-need-credit.mp3

Files included in licensed versions:

  • Time-To-Dance-HookSounds.com.wav
  • Time-To-Dance-HookSounds.com.mp3
  • Time-To-Dance-PART-A-with-drums.wav
  • Time-To-Dance-PART-A-with-drums.mp3
  • Time-To-Dance-PART-A-without-drums.wav
  • Time-To-Dance-PART-A-without-drums.mp3
  • Time-To-Dance-PART-B-with-drums.wav
  • Time-To-Dance-PART-B-with-drums.mp3
  • Time-To-Dance-PART-B-without-drums.wav
  • Time-To-Dance-PART-B-without-drums.mp3
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