Royalty free music for Youtube videos

Ever watched a Youtube video intro and immediately recognized the creator behind it? It may be due to the kind of soundtrack he or she uses. Quality royalty free music is not only essential to set up the mood and tone for your audience, but it is also key when it comes to creating brand personality. See below and try out the best royalty free Youtube music tracks the industry has to offer.

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The importance of using music on Youtube videos

Youtube has become a huge platform over the years, being the second largest search engine next to Google, where users upload more than 100 hours of video each minute. It is an amazing place to reach millions of people and share content, promote businesses, review products, create music or just have fun. From courses, tutorials, to nonsense footage, there is nothing Youtube doesn't cover. This platform allows video-makers to become popular and earn money, but at the same time the competition is fierce, so content creators have to step up their game and create high-quality videos that stand out. And music is a key element to increase the impact of your video since it adds an emotional part to the content and sets the mood you want your viewers to be in. Just remember how movies were silent in the beginning, and yet made the audience cry, laugh or feel fear, all because of the power of music combined with the footage.
So let's talk a little more about why music is so necessary when creating Youtube videos: It can turn a good video into an amazing one:

As we mentioned before, using the right music can have a huge impact on the audience. It will guide them and build the atmospheres, as well as trigger the emotions needed for each segment. Different genres and styles affect different parts of the human brain. So when choosing the right music you make the audience engage and connect deeply to the content of the video. As well as reinforcing the transitions in topics or moods throughout the content, making the viewers feel intrigued or suspenseful before the important moments, and generally guiding the way. It helps tell your message

Music will reinforce and enhance the overall message you want to tell your audience. Just as in real life, different tones can completely change the meaning of a phrase. For example, your video's main message can be “don't lose hope”, but it will have different interpretations according to the tone you set, it can be extremely sad, emotional, inspirational, or happy. And background music will help tell the story better than anything because most of the time it's not about what you say, but what you make people feel.
It builds up your brand

Whether you are a business or a YouTuber, once you start creating content you become a brand. People will see your name or channel and have a certain image, expectations, and a whole idea of who you are depending on what you show them. And music can help portray your personality and what your content is all about. One of the most effective practices is having great intros for your videos, this is the music you play in the first seconds, and the one that will get or lose your viewer's attention immediately. Having a consistent intro that repeats among videos will make this track characteristic of your brand, making the audience associate it with you and get familiarized. And lastly, using high-quality original music will make your videos more professional and interesting to watch, so it adds value to your channel.

Tips to choose the right background music:

-Know your message

This is the first step and will guide your whole strategy and music selection. It doesn't need to be a strong message or be an anthem phrase, but just the concept of what you want your audience to think about when they are done watching it. If for example, you want to show a traveling experience through India, think about how you want them to perceive it, for you it might have been an inspiring trip, filled with mindfulness moments and relaxation. So the music you choose needs to evoke those exact feelings, using metal as background would kill the whole vibe and make it confusing.

-Know your audience

This goes for any type of business, you need to know who the people on the other side of the screen are. There are many apps that give you these insights, and of course, you might know it by interacting with them, but you will be surprised once you see statistics and discover details about them you had no idea about. So how old are the people subscribing to your channel or watching your videos? Are they teenagers? Where are they from? What are their interests? Why do they choose you? You need to keep all these factors in mind when creating content, especially when choosing the right background music for youtube videos.

-Define the style and genre

Once you know what you want to say, and who you are telling it to, you need to think about a music style or genre from where to get the best songs for your youtube video. Keep in mind that every genre, tempo and style gets the audience in a different mood. And that the whole soundtrack needs to be coherent, so choosing tracks that go well together will keep viewers interested, while jumping from one genre to the other and mixing different styles can look confusing and overwhelming.

-Keep the background music in the background

There might be parts of your video where you want music to be the protagonist, but when you choose background music it is important to keep it in the back. This means that it can't distract your viewers from the dialogue or footage, but rather enhance it. If the music is too loud, uses vocals, or is too energetic, it might catch the attention and make the rest of the elements fade out.

-Respect copyright

It is illegal to use music owned by other people without paying for the rights to do so. Youtube has very strict rules about it and will take down your video, suspend your account or even ban you from using Youtube altogether, not to mention there can be lawsuits by the other companies and artists involved. So even if you are tempted to use small fractions of your favorite songs, we strongly recommend avoiding it at all costs.
The other side of this issue is that buying the right to use copyright music can be extremely expensive, we are speaking about millions of dollars per video, and not everyone has a budget for such costs.
And last, it won't add value to your content, at some point we all get bored of listening to the same songs on the radio, Spotify, social media, so choosing original music can help you raise the quality of your youtube videos.

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