ASMR, or Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, has blown up on social media lately. These spine-tingling, euphoric sensations that ASMR videos provide have captivated a massive audience. While the main focus is often on subtle sounds and whispers, adding the right music can take your ASMR content to the next level. But it’s worth noting that not every sound track is a soundtrack suited for ASMR, but as you may well know, at HookSounds, we have it all!

What is ASMR?

ASMR stands for “autonomous sensory meridian response,” which is a fancy way of describing the tingling sensation that moves from your scalp down your neck and into your spine. This sensation, akin to a low-grade euphoria, can be incredibly relaxing and enjoyable. ASMR videos typically feature a host whispering into a microphone and using various sounds to trigger these sensations.

The Importance of Music in ASMR Videos

While ASMR is all about the subtle sounds, the right music can seriously amp up the experience. A good background track can create a calming atmosphere, keep viewers engaged, and even enhance those ASMR tingles. Here’s how to use music effectively in your ASMR videos:

  • Enhance Atmosphere with Subtle Music: Incorporate gentle, ambient tracks to enrich the calming vibe without stealing the spotlight. This approach ensures the music blends well into the background, elevating the sensory experience without overshadowing the ASMR sounds.
  • Use Music for Intros and Outros: Start and end your videos with soothing music to set the mood for the entire experience. Think of it like getting a massage—you want your audience to flow into a relaxed state right from the beginning. The right intro and outro music can help your viewers unwind and maintain a calm atmosphere throughout your video. Plus, using a consistent track can make your content more recognizable and help your brand stand out.
  • Introduce Music at Key Moments: Bring in music during specific parts to highlight the best moments and transitions in your video. Use the music when the ASMR sounds are more subtle to avoid having completely silent segments. You can also use it to enhance those powerful moments when the crunch, crack, or smush is particularly intense, adding an extra layer of immersion to your content. But as we mentioned before, make sure the music is subtle.

Using Special Microphones for ASMR

ASMR videos enhance auditory immersion through stereo imaging, where sounds emanate from different directions—left, right, upfront, and behind. For beginners, we recommend starting with accessible options like small condenser microphone pairs (stereo pairs) or large condenser microphones with switchable polar patterns. These setups are effective in capturing intimate sounds without the complexity of dummy head microphones.

When recording with a large condenser microphone at close range, it can emphasize bass frequencies due to the proximity effect, enriching the depth and warmth of sounds captured.

Top Royalty Free Songs for ASMR Videos

Below, we’ll mention some of our best soothing melodies that are perfect for ASMR videos thanks to their low tempo, chill mood, and relaxed energy:

Binaural Aquamarine

binaural aquamarine

First off, Let’s start by introducing “Binaural Aquamarine,” a serene and reflective track that sets the stage for contemplation and relaxation. With its soothing synth pads and gentle arrangement, this music creates a calming soundscape, inviting listeners to introspect and unwind. It’s perfect for ASMR videos, where its peaceful ambiance can enhance moments of focus and relaxation.

Cradle of Nature

Cradle of Nature

Let’s jump into “Cradle of Nature,” a tranquil audio experience that guides you through a refreshing journey with its soothing melodies and ambient nature sounds. This beautiful soundscape is perfect for ASMR videos, offering a serene tone that enhances relaxation and meditation.

Asian Philosophy

Asian Philosophy

How about letting yourself feel inspired by Eastern Music from the other side of the world? “Asian Philosophy” embodies the essence of serene introspection with its captivating acoustic composition and signature Asian flute melody. This ambient track flows with an oriental-style musicality, creating a tranquil backdrop perfect for ASMR videos focused on calm, relaxing, or meditative themes. Immerse your audience in a soothing auditory experience that enhances the emotional depth of your content.


285 hz meditation

285-Hz Meditation” is a fantastic choice for ASMR videos due to its soothing and healing properties. The 285 Hz frequency is linked to the root chakra, enhancing feelings of security and safety, which is perfect for relaxing your audience. The soft synth pads, wind chimes, and peaceful forest ambiance create a serene atmosphere, ideal for helping viewers unwind and experience the full benefits of ASMR.

Two Souls

Two Souls

Lastly, we have ‘Two Souls,’ a relaxing tune featuring gentle synth pads. And you know what? It’s not only great for ASMR; it also works fantastically for cinematic pieces! It perfectly adheres to the principle of enhancing your sounds without overshadowing them, adding to their effectiveness.”

This is Where HookSounds Comes Into Play

To wrap up, music plays a crucial role in making ASMR videos truly relaxing and enjoyable. Whether it’s gently enhancing whispers or creating a peaceful atmosphere for meditation, the right music can take your content to the next level. At HookSounds, we know how important high-quality sound is for creating immersive experiences. Explore our collection of royalty-free tracks today and see how they can enhance your ASMR creations. Try HookSounds for free and see how our music can make a difference in your videos