In today’s digital world, videos has become an integral part of our daily lives. From vlogging to streaming, video content offer visual and auditory information that are essential when it comes to delivering your message. And this is no exception with cooking videos. This genre in particular, has gained immense popularity among viewers of all ages. And honestly, it’s no surprise.

These types of videos are generally short, lively, and the viewer can follow through the steps and end up with a delicious meal or dessert. So let’s get down to business, as we share our tips on how to musicalize this type of content aswell as sharing HookSound’s best tracks at hand for the task.

Importance of Music in Cooking Videos

Music is an essential component of cooking videos, and it plays a significant role in enhancing the viewer’s experience. It sets the tone and creates an ambiance that complements the cooking process. It engages and entertains viewers while they watch the cooking process, making it more enjoyable and engaging. Additionally, music adds an emotional touch to the videos, which can make them more relatable and connect with the viewers on a deeper level. It helps to create a sense of anticipation, excitement and can even create a sense of nostalgia, which is especially useful when the cooking video is meant to evoke a particular mood or memory.

Music can also be used to highlight the different stages of the cooking process. A soft, gentle melody can be used when the chef is introducing the ingredients and discussing the recipe, while a more upbeat and lively tune can be used when the cooking process is in full swing. The use of music can help to amplify the sounds of the cooking, making it more engaging and immersive for the viewer in general.

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Type of Music Used in Culinary Videos

The genre and mood of the music used in culinary videos can vary greatly depending on the specific tone the chef or videographer is trying to convey, aswell as the pace of the cooking process itself. However the music used in cooking videos either tends to be upbeat and energetic, or soothing and relaxing.

Upbeat Music for Cooking

  • Children’s Music – This genre is catchy, mellow, and very easy going. It is a great option in videos were the chef’s voice is intended to be predominant. making it an ideal addition to cooking videos.
  • Pop – Bold and energetic, an excellent choice for creators opting for fast-paced content. Catchy and entertaining at the same time. message!
  • Hip-hop – A similar option to pop, but generally speaking, more groovy and less punchy.

Relaxing Music for Cooking

  • Jazz – Jazz can add a touch of sophistication and elegance to any cooking video, making it a perfect fit for chefs who want to showcase their culinary skills. Elegant, yet mellow, yet groovy!
  • Lo-fi – This genre has been gaining popularity over the years, and it’s no surprise that it has found its way into the world of cooking videos. Characterized by its chill, relaxing, and soothing beats that are perfect for background music of any video. And cooking videos are no exception.
  • Reggae – Reggae music is an excellent choice for creating cooking video content. The upbeat and positive vibes of reggae music can bring energy and excitement to any kitchen, making it the perfect soundtrack for cooking videos. The rhythm and melody of reggae music can help evoke a sense of relaxation, which can make cooking a more enjoyable and stress-free experience.

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Royalty Free Music Tracks for Cooking

Now that we listed the go-to genres for cooking videos, we’ll show you a good example of one track per genre and how it can be used:

Morning Cooking: 

A fine example of Children’s music adapted to the culinary category, super cheerful, super lively, your viewers will love it.

Sweet Bounce: 

True to it’s name, this pop track is as bouncy as it gets. Catchy, entertaining, and super mesmerizing.

Urban Dance: 

Urban dance is a catchy hip-hop track, perfect for when you’re transitioning between dialogue lines to keep the audience engaged.

Cigar Lounge: 

On a more relaxed note, this is were the jazz comes in, and what better choice than Cigar Lounge to musicalize your video and keep matters mellow and chill.

Chillout Design: 

A lo-fi track with a slow, yet catchy tempo. perfect to keep things simple as you cook and speak.

New Pulse: 

Lastly, a reggae track known for its laid-back tone, ideal for the viewers to stay a while and jam as you prepare your delicious meals.

Tips for your Culinary Videos

Now that you’ve made it down here, its time we dish out some tips and concepts to keep in mind when creating culinary content:

  1. -Firstly, and as previously mentioned, make sure your music doesn’t overpower the audio from your video, such as dialogue or the sound of cooking utensils. Make sure the music enhances your videos, music is not the main protagonist here.
  2. Use your track to highlight key moments in your video, such as the first bite of a dish or the final presentation of a meal.
  3. Show ingredients in detail and explain why you are using them to educate your audience and build credibility.
  4. – Use a variety of camera angles and close-ups to make the video visually interesting.
  5. Provide clear and concise instructions, including measurements and cooking times, to ensure viewers can easily follow along.