Why do we love Christmas music so much?

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Is that time of the year! December not only marks the end of the year, it’s also the time of snow, jingle bells and presents because Christmas is just around the corner. 

We’ve also prepared a selection of holiday music you won’t wanna miss if you are a content creator, a store owner or just in the mood for some Christmas spirit. So why is it that we love so much Christmas songs? It all comes down to memories. All music can stimulate the brain’s pleasure centers, but holiday music can evoke old memories on top of that. This means that no matter what type of music you are into, when you hear a christmas song you will have some sort of feeling, as you will most likely have memories associated with this holiday. 

This is why some psychologists say that christmas music can also be bad for mental health, because, as we said, it can evoke old memories, which sometimes aren’t nice. But since we’ve had enough bad vibes in 2020, let’s keep it on a positive note. From Jingle Bells to Deck the Halls, no one can deny that most Christmas carols can lift your spirit up and no wonder, some of them have been around for decades. In fact, most famous Christmas songs were written before the 90s but have been re-mastered and re-interepreted thousands of times since then to adapt them to current times. 

Let’s take Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas” for example, launched in 1994 but until today, immediately after Halloween ends, it goes straight to the top of the charts. Everyone from Ariana Grande and Fifth Harmony have made their own versions of the song in recent years, and even Mariah herself presented it to a younger audience a few years ago when she recorded it with Justin Bieber. 

Other iconic singers such as Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley and Eartha Kitt have also released Christmas songs that have quickly become anthems for the holiday season. While artists like Michael Bublé have made entire albums and concerts dedicated to Christmas. Clearly we all need a bit of xmas spirit courtesy of the music industry.

But if you are looking for some alternative Christmas songs to use on your content, be sure to check our selection of royalty free Christmas music. All you will want for Christmas is HookSounds!

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