3 minute read
February 26, 2019

How to Use Royalty Free Music for Podcasts

The evolution of the internet always brings with it new trends and opportunities. Lately, there’s been a surge in
the number of podcasts available online. All it takes is some great discussion, basic recording gear, and you are ready to compete for a share of the ever-growing target market. But before releasing a podcast, just like any other commodity, you need to ensure that the final product is attractive. Producing the podcast in a way that draws in an audience is the surest way of building a loyal audience.

One of the best ways of standing out is by incorporating music and sound effects in your podcast. If you find yourself inadvertently humming the theme song to a TV show you enjoy watching, that’s a sign that it has stuck a chord with you, thus creating a link to the content. So, how can music help you enhance your podcast?

Kickass Intro

First impressions matter, even in the world of podcasting. Each episode should have a memorable intro that attracts new listeners while still maintaining a relatable aspect for frequent listeners. This is usually the main theme song that helps a great deal in creating a rapport with your listeners. Try as much as possible to choose an intro track that suits your overall content. For instance, if your podcast is about Nascar racing, you could select an electro-pop tune as your intro theme which will give the listeners a sense of high octane activity.


Most podcasts are divided into several segments, and a great way of signifying the changeover to different sections of the episode is by including a short musical interlude. This will help listeners gradually shift focus, rather than abruptly moving on to the next topic without a notable transition. Some podcasters prefer to use one theme song for the intro, transitions and outro, while others use different tracks for each segment to add some variety.


 Your podcast would feel incomplete if it just ended abruptly, wouldn’t it? Just like if you were to end a formal meeting by just walking away without a final word. A musical marker to signify the end of the episode is an ideal way to wrap-up. Choose a friendly outro track that bids the listener goodbye.


If you are lucky enough to score some commercial sponsorship that requires you to run ads or mentions, it would be great to embellish the commercial content with some music. This is bound to make it more customer-friendly. Most online royalty free libraries feature corporate-themed tracks that would be ideal for commercials.

Keep it Royalty-Free

The only way to avoid getting your podcast flagged for copyright violation is by ensuring the music you use is appropriately licensed for re-use. Trying to take shortcuts by using unauthorized random music could land you in a copyright tussle. The advantage of using royalty-free music is that you are likely to find the right kind of track for your project at an affordable price. Apart from avoiding legal problems, most royalty-free music libraries get their music from hard-working artists who earn a living by receiving royalties. So, by purchasing a license, you are helping a talented musician live out his/her dream.