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How to cancel my subscription?

As stated in our General Agreement, no refund can be made if the subscription is not cancelled 7 days before the renewal date. If done after those 7 seven days, a refund won’t be possible, but the cancelation will still go through. To cancel your subscriptions there are two ways:

To cancel your subscription, you have to do it through your user dashboard. To access it, click on your user name (that appears on the top right of the site) and go to Profile. On the left column, click on Subscriptions where you will see the status of your current subscription, including the expiration date. Next, open up the subscription details just as seen in the picture below and click on Cancel my subscription to proceed with the cancellation. Once it’s been cancelled you will receive a confirmation via email.



If you are not able to cancel it this way, then write to stating that you want to cancel your subscription and the reason why.

No matter the option you choose, you have to cancel the subscription 7 days prior to the renewal date (you can see it on the subscription details stated in the first paragraph of this article). This way we can only guarantee that no charges will be made to your account.  You can also cancel as many days before the renewal happens, but if it is under 7 days, we can not guarantee that no charges will go through.