If you are a content creator, you understand the complexity of posting anything online. But nothing probably compares to the subject of music licensing. What everyone wants to avoid is any copyright claims, but there’s a lot more to it than just that, so here’s where HookSounds comes in. This may sound like a pad on the back from us, but here are the top reasons why you should choose HookSounds as your royalty free music provider.

What is HookSounds

Let’s start with the basics. We are a royalty free music platform, where you will find music and sound effects to use on your content while avoiding copyright claims. This doesn’t mean that you are paying for non copyrighted music, but you will be buying the royalties for our tracks. By doing so, you will have the rights to use it and, depending on the license or subscription that you choose, you will have several other benefits as well. If you don’t quite understand the difference between copyright free and royalty free, we recommend you read our article about it. 

We have high standards for music

You may say, why pay when I have the YouTube audio library for free. But if you are trying to take your content to a pro level, you will want to include high quality music to it, which is something YouTube fails to offer. At HookSounds we are a company made by artists and our quality levels are high. Very high. So much in fact, that we produce all of our tracks in house to guarantee that you will only get the best music out there. For us, it is all about quality over quantity.

Background music for videos and podcasts

We want you to be the star of your show, so our music is the perfect background for it. We create it keeping in mind that it will be an audio support to your video or podcast, this is why most of our tracks don’t include vocals. You can even browse through our categories to find all types of music: happy songs, easygoing tracks, corporate music and more! Let YouTuber Ryan Snaadt tell you more about this:

We’ve got options!

We get it that not everyone wants to pay annual or monthly subscriptions, so we got licensing options for you to choose as well. If you are in doubt to which one to choose, check our guide to our licensing and subscriptions to find which one is the best for you. You will see we got something for everyone: whether you are a business looking for in store music, a YouTuber, or even if you are looking for free royalty free music, we’ve got you covered with the use & mention license. 

Looking for track variations? We’ve got you covered!

Once you’ve downloaded a song you will get a zip that includes loops and track variations, which will make the editing process smoother for you. This is especially helpful when creating intros and outros for your videos or podcasts!

Our user dashboard is pretty cool

We work hard on improving our site every day and something we are really proud of is our user dashboard. Always trying to give you guys the best solutions, we’ve created a place where you can manage the tracks you’ve downloaded and, more importantly, add your videos or YouTube channel to be automatically whitelisted by us and avoid any copyright claims. 

Not a subscriber? No problem! If you’ve bought a single use license, we will send you a purchase certificate, which you can upload to YouTube if you got a copyright claim to show that you’ve got the rights to use the track. 

Custom requests

Not to brag about it, but this is definitely our thing. We are one of the few licensing sites out there that offer custom track requests, meaning that you can ask for a special track that will be made for you by one of our talented artists. Through a very personalized exchange, you will be able to tell us exactly what you want and within a few days we will send the final result to you. 

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As you can see, flexibility, high-standards and originality are some of the qualities that make HookSounds what it is. If you are looking for royalty free music to download, then look no further than to our library. With new tracks added every day, we are sure you will find the perfect soundtrack to your content. Just listen!