Diese Dinge benötigst du um deinen YouTube Kanal zu starten

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We’ve partnered with YouTuber Murray Frost in a giveaway you won’t want to miss. We will be giving away $1000 USD worth in gear to five winners, keep reading to find out how to enter!

Whether you are thinking about starting a YouTube channel or are already working in the filmmaking industry, having good gear is always a must. That is why we are supporting creators with a contest in which five winners will earn stream and film gear courtesy of HookSounds and Murray Frost. Prices are:

First place: $300 USD worth of gear of your choice

Second place: $250 USD worth of gear  of your choice

Third place: $200 USD worth of gear  of your choice

Fourth place: $150 USD worth of gear  of your choice

Fifth place: $100 USD worth of gear of your choice

Here’s how to participate: first, you need to choose a plan at licensing. You can participate with both the monthly and annuals plans, but if you buy an annual one, you will get five entries! At the checkout, don’t forget to use the code FROST10 to get 20% off. Note that you will have to use the code in order to participate. You have time to participate until November 22nd, 2020.

Watch Murray’s video to find out more:

So what kind of gear will this buy you? 


The most important piece to start filming is a good camera. There are many choices around, but for YouTube, we recommend a DSLR one. Their price ranges between $100 and $1000, but if you are not a professional YouTuber yet you won’t need a high-end one; a mid-range camera should do the job perfectly. 

Still, many YouTubers choose to film with smartphones, which have become better and better in terms of image quality in recent years. Just like with cameras, the prices of phones can vary quite a lot depending on the brand and model. 


If you are going to be filming with a camera, you should also think about buying a lens, and while DSLR cameras come with a standard lens, it’s likely you’ll need a better quality one. Fast lenses are great for those who don’t have a full professional light setup and might have to deal with home lighting. Fast aperture lenses cost around $150 USD.


The good news is that if you’ve already invested in a good camera and lens, you won’t need to spend too much on lighting. You can even start with a lighting kit or a ring light lamp, which start at $20 USD. If you are planning on filming outside, though, natural lighting will be your ally.


A good microphone is an essential part of filming, as chances are you will include at least a few minutes of voice talk on your videos. They are especially useful when you are filming outside but even if you are filming inside in a quiet room, we recommend you using one as high-quality audio is very important on YouTube or any kind of content. Microphones aren’t very expensive and you can find really good ones for $100 USD. 


Many people tend to overlook them, but they are very useful when filming as you want to avoid shaky images – unless you are going for that vibe. Some tripods are very cheap, so you won’t have to spend too much here and for sure they will appreciate them while you record.

Editing software

While you don’t really need to pay for an editing software, most free ones don’t have all the professional features to make your video even better. So investing in a proper editing program could be a good idea, especially if you want to make a career out of editing. Making your videos more enjoyable and dynamic will help you to have better engagement and views. If you want to know more about editing, be sure to read our article about how to edit a video if you are not a video editor