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HookSounds REST API

This RESTful API allows data to be retrieved remotely in either a jSON or XML format. The API includes methods for retrieving info about tracks, sound effects, etc.

Music Tacks API

This API is accessed via the edd-api end point, like so:

Paging Parameters

By default, the API will return 10 results per page for tracks queries.

If a query has 20 results, the first ten will be displayed by default, but then the second 10 can be accessed by adding  &page=2 to the query string, like so:


You can change the number of results returned by using the number parameter. This example will return 25 results per page:



If you want to make a text search, you can use the ‘s’ parameter: text search

BPM filters

To filter results for a certain BPM range, you can use the ‘minBpm’ and ‘maxBpm’ parameters.

Music Track details

If you want to retrieve info for only a specific product, you can pass a product ID via the  product parameter:

NOTE: The ID of a particular track could be taken from the track’s unique URL. Thus, the track has the ID 7500.

Here is an example of a typical response which includes the music track metadata:

Duration Filter

If you want to filter intros by duration, you can use the ‘minDuration’ and ‘maxDuration’ parameters. They receive numbers (int) with an amount of seconds.
They can be used together in combination or either one alone.


Whitelist API

This API is accessed via the business end point, like so:

To create a new whitelist, make a POST request to the URL (with the key and token parameters), and a JSON body with the channel data:
{ "channel":"" } 

A channel can be any of the following:

  • Youtube Channel Username URL
  • Youtube Channel ID URL
  • Facebook profile URL
  • Instagram profile URL
  • Tiktok profile URL