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Need amazing music to make your project stand out? Here you will find a selection of our best relaxing tracks created by our talented in-house artists. Not sure if this style fits your project? Read the article below to find out the ideal uses for this genre and the style it will bring to it.

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What is royalty free relaxing music?

Music can have a deep impact on both the body and the emotions. Research shows that upbeat music can help people feel more positive and optimistic, faster music can make us feel alert and concentrate, while a slow tempo can help relax the muscles and quiet the mind, releasing the stress of the day. Relaxing music is very effective for stress management, making you feel soothed. Since the beginnings of time music has been an amazing accompaniment to relaxation and related activities like meditation or yoga.

Nowadays it is very important to make projects that help people reduce anxiety and tension, since we are in a fast moving way of life, constantly receiving information and stimulating the brain with videos, social media, advertising, etc. So it is more and more important for people to find a way to disconnect, find peace, and relax either through activities like meditating, doing yoga, or simply listening to relaxing music.

Benefits of relaxing music

As mentioned above music has life-changing benefits that have been studied and proven by researchers. Here are some of them

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Reduce Stress

Relaxing music is ideal to help feel calmness, release anxiety and reduce stress levels. Current studies have shown that music around 60 beats per minute can make the brain synchronize with the beat provoking alpha brain waves, which is what is present when we are feeling relaxed and conscious.

Better sleep

Listening to relaxing music is one of the most common practices for those who need help sleeping better. Listening to it before bed can make you feel calm, stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system, which is in charge of relaxation and preparing the body for sleeping. This benefit is very important for everyone, since having good sleeping habits affects every area of our lives and keeps us healthy and functional.

Improve concentration

As many know, listening to relaxing music can help focus, concentrate better, and be more present in the moment. It is often used by college students when studying or in everyday work. It can help the way hard tasks are perceived, afronting them with a calmer and more productive attitude.

Balance emotions

Dealing with everyday work, responsibilities and unexpected situations is not an easy task, and can make us feel very stressed and tense, not being able to deal with situations in the best way. Balancing our emotions can help face problems in a better way and heal faster, which in the long run will provide a healthier and happier life, no matter the situation.

Healing your Body

It sounds incredible, but there are many studies that show the benefits of listening to music before and after surgery, feeling less pain and anxiety. Also, according to McGill University, music listeners create a higher number of natural killer cells, helping and improving the body's immune system. As well as being studied that many diseases can actually come from being overly stressed.

Go deeper in meditation

Music can help achieve peace and mindfulness in a deeper and more effective way.

Helps feel better overall

Relaxing music brings out good feelings, enjoyment, inspiration and self-esteem. Since it works on what happens within ourselves, it can help bring hope back, battle depression and improve your overall wellness.

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When to use relaxing music for your project

This type of music is ideal for those of you creating videos or podcasts to help people meditate, concentrate, do yoga or simply relax. Music is especially important for these projects and can have a big impact on the audience engagement and response. It is a key element when creating an atmosphere of calmness in the audience and putting them in the correct mood.

But let's not forget that for any type of project it is always good to keep a flow and balance in the emotions, and by adding relaxation music to some moments you can enhance feelings of calmness and reflection. Any content can see the perks of integrating mindful and meaningful music to help the audience connect to the moment.