Instagram is definitely a great platform to share content and interact with your close friends and followers. When it first launched, the only option was to upload pictures with captions to your profile and that was it. However, today there are more features that offer more options to users.

One of the most popular features on Instagram is “stories”. This is an option that allows you to share targeted content such as pictures, videos, boomerangs, and much more. 

The concept of stories was popularized by another app called Snapchat, where you could upload brief content and after 24 hours it would be gone for good. A few months later, Instagram added their stories, as a brand-new feature, which also allowed you to upload videos or pictures, and they would be saved on your profile for 24 hours.

One of the latest additions to Instagram in the last few months is the ability to add music to your stories. For many Instagram users, this is probably one of the best features that could have been added (and we here at HookSounds couldn’t agree more!).

We know just how much music can influence our daily lives, and we should always be able to share it with our friends when we want to. This is why we want to make sure you know how to add music to your Instagram stories. Here are the five steps to follow.

  • Record a video or take a picture using Instagram’s camera interface.

  • Look for the smiley face icon on the upper part of your screen and click on it. There you will find all the options to add various items to your Instagram story. One of the available options on the list is “MUSIC”.

  • After you click on the “music” button, you will be granted access to Instagram’s music library, from where you can choose whichever song you want. However, you may not like the available songs, or you may want to find something more customized and original to add to your stories. This may require you to find an app that allows you to add music that’s not available in Instagram’s music library. So, if you’re interested in exclusive music, feel free to check out our library where you’ll find plenty of original, curated royalty-free music for various uses.

  • After you’ve found the perfect song to match your story, you can then select which part of the song you want to be played while your story is being watched. Bear in mind that you can only play 15 seconds of the song, so choose wisely!

  • Place the song in the part of the story where you feel it fits best, and that’s it!

Instagram provides a huge collection of very well known music, but if you’re looking for original and exclusive tracks to add to your stories, then don’t hesitate to check our huge collection of background music!  And, by the way, you can follow us on Instagram, we post amazing content about HookSounds’ tracks and last features.