Jenny Hoyos has become a sensation on YouTube since 2022, amassing millions of views with her engaging Shorts. Specializing in the finance niche, Jenny’s extreme budgeting challenges like $1 meals and $5 gifts have captivated a massive audience. With 1.69 million subscribers and 954 million views, her success story is one many creators aspire to emulate. But how does she consistently rack up over 10 million views per Short? Let’s delve into Jenny’s strategies for viral success.

1. Discover Your Unique Niche (Blue Ocean Strategy)

Finding the perfect target audience is trickier than it appears. Jenny advises avoiding saturated markets (red oceans) where competition is fierce. Instead, look for blue oceans – niches with less competition and more opportunities to stand out.

  • Red ocean: Highly competitive with many creators vying for attention.
  • Blue ocean: Less crowded, offering more potential for unique content.

Jenny initially followed the footsteps of well-known finance creator Graham Stephan but soon realized the competition was too intense. She then identified a unique angle: finance content tailored for kids. This fresh approach helped her carve out a distinctive space in the industry.

Taking the time to do proper research is crucial in finding your blue ocean. Many creators don’t invest the time they should into thoroughly understanding their niche and target audience. However, this step is not a waste of time. In fact, it’s one of the most important investments you can make in your content strategy. Proper research can reveal untapped opportunities and help you create content that truly resonates with your audience, setting you apart from the competition. Plus, it’s easier to keep on researching just a tiny bit more, rather than having to change your content strategy once you are two years in.


2. Engage Your Users Within the First 5 Seconds

The first few seconds of a video are crucial in capturing viewers’ attention. Jenny emphasizes the importance of a compelling hook – a brief, engaging intro that quickly conveys the video’s essence.

“A good hook should be so clear that viewers understand the video even on mute,” Jenny explains. For example, in her video recreating a Chick-fil-A chicken sandwich for $1, she immediately mentions “$1 chicken sandwich” and shows it next to the restaurant’s sign.

To craft an effective hook, consider these tips:

  • Foreshadow: Give a glimpse of the video’s climax.
  • Use engaging intros: Try phrases like “Did you know…?” or “Here’s why I…”.
  • Show emotions: Start with reactions like laughter or tears to intrigue viewers.

Jenny not only emphasizes the importance of the hook but also stresses the need for exaggerated, eye-catching thumbnails. A compelling thumbnail can make a huge difference in whether viewers click on your video. Of course, if your channel focuses on writing fine narratives for novels, this might not be applicable, but you should always aim to catch the user’s attention in a way that suits your content.

JH last pic

3. Master Storytelling Techniques

Modern YouTube content often resembles mini-movies, with strong storytelling elements being key. Jenny emphasizes that a creating a compelling story should have three crucial elements:

  • Conflict introduction
  • Conflict resolution
  • New conflict setup

To maintain narrative tension, Jenny suggests using words like “but” and “so.” For example: “I went for a walk, but a dog blocked my path, so I turned around. But the dog whimpered, so I followed him to a dark tunnel, where I found abandoned puppies.” This approach keeps viewers engaged by constantly introducing new conflicts.

4. Develop ‘Content Buckets’ for Consistency

To complement your storytelling and pacing strategies, maintaining consistency through themed series can significantly boost viewer engagement. Jenny uses “content buckets” – themed series that viewers recognize and love.

“Buckets are repeatable formats. For example, my series could be ‘$1 fast food items.’ When viewers like one video in the series, they’re more likely to watch the others,” Jenny explains. This method helps in building a loyal audience and driving repeat views. Creating consistent, recognizable content can foster viewer loyalty and encourage binge-watching, which further increases your channel’s visibility and success.

5. Monetize Creatively Beyond Ad Revenue

While creating engaging content is crucial, monetization strategies can significantly impact your success as a creator. YouTube Shorts don’t generate as much ad revenue as long-form videos. However, viral Shorts can attract lucrative sponsorships and product sales. Jenny notes, “Creators can make substantial income through sponsored Shorts, even reaching up to a million dollars per sponsorship.”

By focusing on products, courses, and sponsorships, creators can achieve significant earnings without relying solely on ad revenue. This diversified approach not only provides financial stability but also enhances the overall value of your content, making your channel more appealing to a broader audience.